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Brain Boosting "Boba" At Home: Try This Healthy Turmeric Milk Tea Recipe

November 28, 2022

boba tea on table outside

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Have you ever wanted to try making boba tea at home? Made out of chia seeds (I know it sounds weird, but trust me), this "boba" has the same chewiness, without the chemicals, dyes or preservatives! We used a base of Turmeric Fusion, a lightly spiced and fragrant brain-healthy tea, along with creamy coconut milk to make this decadent and aromatic milk tea. Easy, healthy and yummy, this recipe checks all the boxes! Keep reading for the full recipe.

brain boosting boba Pinterest recipe

4 Herbs and Spices For Brain Health

You can use any other tea in replacement for this recipe, but beware! This recipe supports brain health because its base is Turmeric Fusion. Here are a few of the ingredients that make this tea so great:


When you think turmeric, you probably think powerfully anti-inflammatory: and you'd be right. But, did you know that turmeric's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich compounds can support the health of your brain?

Turmeric can support attention and memory in adults, so if you find yourself struggling to focus, turmeric can help.

Check out 4 Unique Ways to Use Turmeric for more ways to use the healing spice.

Teas with turmeric: Turmeric Fusion, Lucky Morning Spice, Happy Place


Rooibos is the base of this yummy tea. If you haven't heard about Rooibos, it's incredible! It contains zero caffeine, doesn’t get bitter like green tea does if you over-brew it, but like green tea, it’s loaded with important antioxidants. Rooibos is powerfully anti-inflammatory and packed with anti-oxidants, reducing your risk of many brain health related diseases. Support the health of your brain by drinking Rooibos!

Learn more about Rooibos.

Teas with Rooibos: Turmeric FusionHappy Place, Cherry Bomb Black Tea

cinnamon for brain healthy, memory, concentration


Studies have found that the consumption of this delicious, comforting spice is associated with improved memory, increased attention and enhanced cognitive processing. If you're looking increase your mental sharpness and focus, give cinnamon a shot! Incorporating this recipe into your routine might support a healthier brain.

After you make this one, try this recipe with cinnamon: Fight Inflammation With This Energizing Iced Tea.

Teas with cinnamon: Turmeric FusionPumpkin Spice ChaiLucky Morning Spice, Campfire Chai


If your mom has ever told you to drink ginger tea on an upset stomach, she's right! But did you know that ginger can also improve the health of your brain? This warming spice is associated with relief from nausea, reduced inflammation and improved working memory and attention.

Learn more about the benefits of ginger: 12 Amazing Reasons To Love Ginger

Teas with ginger: Turmeric FusionHappy Place, Pumpkin Spice ChaiCampfire Chai


Thanks to Turmeric Fusion, you're getting turmeric, rooibos, cinnamon and ginger all at one time!


spices for brain health

Ingredients You Need For This Boba Milk Tea Recipe

*Note that this recipe can be made completely unsweetened, but because we are trying to replicate a typically overly-sweet milk tea recipe, we used a little bit of honey this time. If you're trying to make this super healthy, omit the sweetener altogether.

chia seed boba

How to Make Turmeric Fusion Boba Milk Tea At Home

1) First, brew your tea. Steep the 1 teaspoon of the tea in 1/3 cup hot water for 5 minutes or longer.

2) Add your chia seeds to a small, microwave-safe bowl. Pour the brewed (and strained) tea on top of your chia seeds and mix. Microwave your mixture for 30 seconds.

3) Take your mixture out of the microwave and add your honey. Give it another good mix! You'll see the chia seeds start to absorb the liquid. Let this sit on the counter to finish absorbing.

chia seed boba

4) Next, add 1 tsp Black Tea to your leftover leaves from your Turmeric Fusion or Lucky Morning Spice and cover with 1/2 cup hot water for 2 minutes! Let cool off in the fridge for 10 minutes.

5) Finally, assemble! Grab your large glass and layer: the chia seed boba mixture goes on the bottom, then your ice, next your strained tea and finally your milk!



If you want to try four gut-friendly teas (Lady GingerCoffee QuitterCampfire Chai and Lucky Morning Spice) without committing to a full-size, check out November's Tea Talk Box (available until the last day of November)! Follow along with us on Instagram and we'll show you how to turn these four gut-friendly into delicious lattes and mocktails, from a Peppermint Mocha to a Ginger Apple Cider.


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Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this recipe, check out our Holiday Punch Recipe.

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