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If you’ve ever tried to stop craving sugar, or wondered why you crave sugar and how to stop it naturally, you’re in the right place. Our teas for weight loss and sugar cravings can help you to stop craving sugar naturally, and curb sugar cravings at night. These are also some of the best teas for weight loss and bloating. See FAQ for our teas for sugar cravings below.

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FAQ for Teas for Sugar Cravings

Which tea helps you get rid of belly fat?

Although there is no silver bullet for weight loss, drinking Sleek & Slender can help.  When used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise, this tea, made with powerful botanicals can help you achieve your weight goals. With regular use, Sleek & Slender gets rid of sugar cravings, boosts metabolism, and improves digestion.

How is tea going to help with my sugar cravings?

Both Sleek & Slender and Sugarproof contain a remarkable herb called gymnema which binds to the sugar receptors on the tongue, blocking your perception of the sweet flavor, so that sweet foods lose from 30% to 100% of their sweet flavor. When used consistently, the sugar cravings go away. 

Is this tea a laxative?

Most of the weight loss teas on the market are unsafe, and cause temporary weight loss by acting as a strong laxative. Here at Loose Leaf, we do not use strong laxatives in any of our weight loss teas. Our teas are effective because they promote sugar balance, get rid of sugar cravings, boost metabolism, and actually support healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients.