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Lush Lavender Recipe Roundup: 11 Creative Recipes For Lavender Lovers

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Get ready to delve into the world of Lavender goodness! In this delightful recipe roundup, we're putting the spotlight on one of our fan favorites - the enchanting Lush Lavender blend. Whether you're looking to sip on a luxuriously smooth Lavender Rose Latte or wish to invigorate your senses with a Lavender Lemon Fizz mocktail, there's a concoction waiting to delight everyone. Let's embark on this flavorful journey together!


It's Not Just Lavender! The Fragrant Herbs That Make This Blend Unique

Yes, lavender stars as the soothing lead in Lush Lavender, but it's the chorus of accompanying herbs that make this blend a harmonious masterpiece. Let's meet these sensational botanical co-stars!

  • First up, we have the Butterfly Blue Pea Flower. It's not just for the mesmerizing deep blue color it adds-- it's brimming with anti-aging antioxidants and reputed to promote relaxation, reduce inflammation, and support mental focus. 
  • Next, we have Lemongrass, a natural detoxifier. It's known for its ability to support the liver, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, and the digestive tract. But don't be fooled by its cleansing power; its flavor is delicate and uplifting, adding a touch of zesty brightness to the blend.
  • The presence of Lemon Verbena adds depth to the citrus undertone of our Lush Lavender blend while bolstering its calming credentials
  • Last, but certainly not least, we have Hibiscus. This tart-sweet flower is a potent source of antioxidants and vitamin C, contributing to overall wellness.

It's this exquisite harmony of ingredients that makes our Lush Lavender blend so much more than just lavender!


Lavender Rose Latte

Experience the sweet harmonious marriage of fragrant lavender and delicate rose in this heartwarming Lavender Rose Latte. It's the perfect way to add a little love to your day.


pink rose lavender matcha with matcha bamboo whisk in kitchen setting


Aromatic Lavender Chai Tea Latte

Enjoy a comforting twist to your regular chai latte with a hint of lavender. This Aromatic Lavender Chai Tea Latte like a cozy blanket on a chilly day, soothing, aromatic, and utterly irresistible.

aromatic lavender chai tea latte with dried lavender on wood background

Lavender Banana Milk Recipe

Liven up your routine with this unique blend of lavender and banana. This Lavender Banana Milk Recipe is cool, creamy, and a refreshing way to enjoy a classic duo in a whole new light.

blue purple lavender banana milk with purple flowers and small milk pitcher on purple background


Creamy, Vanilla Lavender Latte

Delve into a mug of creamy decadence with this Creamy, Vanilla Lavender Latte. The sweet aroma of vanilla intertwined with calming lavender promises a drink you'll crave time and again.

purple lavender latte in to go cup with small red heart


Lavender Chamomile Coconut Latte

Unwind with this beautifully balanced concoction of lavender, chamomile, and coconut. This Lavender Chamomile Coconut Latte is a coconut-y oasis in a cup, with an added bonus of relaxation.


lavender chamomile coconut latte on a desk with a notebook, dried lavender and a piece of cloth


Lavender Matcha Latte

Give your classic matcha a flavorful boost with this Lavender Matcha Latte recipe. The combination of the jolt of caffeine from the matcha and the soothing properties of Lush Lavender creates an effortlessly smooth boost.


vibrant blue and green lavender matcha latte on wood table


Lush Lavender Blueberry Latte

Dive into this tempting blend of juicy blueberries and fragrant lavender. This Lush Lavender Blueberry Latte is an absolute delight, promising a vibrant flavor explosion with each sip.


lavender blueberry latte with fresh herbs and fresh blueberries on wood table


Lavender Infused Lemonade Pitcher

Brighten up your day with this refreshing Lavender Infused Lemonade. It's perfect for sharing-- bring this delightful refreshing pitcher to your next summer pool party!


lush lavender lemonade with fresh lemon slices and lavender on blue wood table


Lavender Lemon Fizz Mocktail

This bubbly Lavender Lemon Fizz Mocktail is sure to brighten up your day. The playful combination of lavender and lemon brings a splash of joy to every sip. It's also an amazing healthy alternative to your nightcap, sure to help you rest easier.


lavender layered mocktail topped with sparkling water with Lush Lavender blend on the side in a natural setting


Jasmine Tea With Lavender Ice Cubes

Elevate your usual jasmine tea with fragrant Lavender Ice Cubes. It's an elegant twist that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.


purple lavender iced tea with tea ice cubes in natural setting


Lavender Blueberry Chia Boba Milk Tea

This creative Lavender Blueberry Chia Boba Milk Tea recipe brings together the calming aroma of lavender, the sweet taste of blueberries, and the unique texture of chia boba. An unexpected trio that's a treat for your taste buds and your health.

layered chia seed boba recipe with blues, purples and tea chia seed pudding in natural setting


With its vibrant color and calming aroma, Lush Lavender has the potential to turn any recipe into a wellness masterpiece. So, go ahead, infuse a little lavender magic into your daily routine and experience the incredible symphony of flavors this beautiful blend has to offer!  Remember, it's more than just a beverage; it's an experience, a moment of calm in your busy day. Savor it, cherish it, and most importantly, enjoy every sip.

lush lavender tea blend, freshly brewed bright purple with dried lavender and a small cup of the loose leaf tea

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