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5-Minute Easy Lavender Banana Milk Recipe: The Adult Version Of A Korean Childhood Classic

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Banana Milk, a Korean drink created by the Korean government to encourage milk consumption in the '70s, is a delicious, fruity delicacy still beloved by many. I wanted to take the idea and make an herbal, calming, dairy and added-sugar-free version. Replacing the milk with oat milk, the water with a relaxing lavender tea blend, and leaving out the sugar, this "milk" is perfect for a healthy dessert or a calming bedtime snack. Although called the "adult version," it is kid-friendly and safe for consumption by children. Keep reading for the full recipe!


banana milk recipe

The Ingredients You Need

For two servings:

*You can use another lavender tea blend instead, but I really recommend Lush Lavender because it is not only super tasty, but will give it that blue/purple color. I want you to try it so bad, I'm giving you a discount code...

Get Lush Lavender here. Use code "LUSH" at checkout for 15% off the tea.


korean banana milk

How To Make Lavender Banana Milk

  1. First, brew your tea by adding your hot water to your Lush Lavender in a heat safe mug or container. Let it brew for 15 minutes. By letting it steep for extra long, you'll get more of that lavender flavor, making it extra yummy! If you're in a rush, you can steep it for only 5 minutes.
  2. Once the tea is done brewing, strain the tea leaves and add it to your high-speed blender. Also to the blender, add your bananas, oat milk and pure vanilla extract.
  3. Blend on a high speed until completely smooth and pour into your cutest jar!


Hope you love this combo as much as I do! Thanks for reading. If you liked this recipe, check out this Vibrant Pink Lavender Latte.


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