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Ginseng Green Dragon & Matcha With Hot, Frothy Milk: The Unique Matcha Latte Recipe You're Going To Want To Try

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Whether you're a matcha aficionado or have never tried it, you will love this unique green tea latte. Made with some of the healthiest herbs on the planet, you will get loads of antioxidants and polyphenols while having a delicious latte to sip on. Keep reading for the reasons behind the ingredients we chose and the full-written recipe!


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The Ingredients That Make This Latte So Powerful

Okay, let's discuss the ingredients that make this latte one of the healthiest that you can consume. First, it is made with a tea blend called "Gingseng Green Dragon" made with 3 of the most powerfully medicinal herbs in the world: Jiao Gu Lan, Red Ginseng, and Dragon Well Green Tea.

Jiao Gu Lan: Jiao Gu Lan tea is a South Asian herb nicknamed "the immortality herb" due to its reputation as a promoter of longevity among the people who consume it regularly. It's used for high cholesterol, diabetes and improving heart function.

Red Ginseng: Red Ginseng is an ancient herb used to boost the immune system, improve heart health and increase energy

Dragon Well Green Tea: Dragon well green tea is the most famous green tea in China. This tea is roasted soon after picked, so it is better able to retain its antioxidants and polyphenols, making it one of the healthiest green teas you can drink.


In addition to the amazing, healing herbs in Gingseng Green Dragon, in this recipe we also included...


 matcha powder


Even though already jam-packed with antioxidants, we decided to still add matcha, the most antioxidant-rich form of green tea. Because the entire leaf is consumed, you get all of the vitamins and amino acids that make up the spectrum of nutrients found in the leaf. Along with the tea blend, you might be getting more antioxidants than someone does in an entire week!

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What You Need

For two servings

Kitchen tools you need:

How To Make This Unique Matcha Latte

  1. To a small pot, add your water and bring to a low boil.

  2. Once at a low boil, turn off the heat and add your Gingseng Green Dragon, your matcha, your pitted dates and your milk to the pot. Give it a stir. Brew this for ONLY two minutes*
  3. Next, strain your tea (separate all the tea leaves so that it is only the liquid) and add it to a heat safe blender. Blend until the dates are completely blended and it's nice and frothy. If you have a handheld frother, you can froth the milk manually.
  4. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!

*If you brew Gingseng Green Dragon for longer, it might get bitter. This is because the tannins in this high quality tea with release super quickly.


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