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Try This Relaxing, Vibrant Pink Lavender Rose Latte Recipe

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Cozy up with our Lavender Rose Latte! Made with herbs that support relaxation and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, this warming latte is a great addition to your self-care routine, no matter the day of the week. And the best part? It's 100% naturally colored and free of refined sugars, keeping your wellness in mind. Let's get to it!

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Ingredients For The Lavender Rose Latte

*To soak your dates, add them to 1/2 cup hot water for 5 minutes. This will soften them to that they can be easily blended.

**The beets are optional but I highly recommend, since this is what gives it the super bright color! If you don't have fresh cooked beets, try frozen, canned or even a little bit of beet powder.


Equipment Needed


rose milk latte naturally colored

How To Make The Yummy Latte

  1. First, brew your tea. Add your Lush Lavender and 2 teaspoons of the rose petals to your hot water. The longer it brews the better it tastes! So, let this sit while you do the rest.
  2. Add your milk of choice and the other 2 teaspoons of rose petals to your pot. Let them simmer on low for 10 minutes. Keep stirring. If it starts to get too thick, take it off the heat early. You want it to thicken a little, but not too much.
  3. Strain your rose milk into your blender. Add your soaked dates and beets to the blender with the rose milk and blend it all until completely smooth.
  4. Finally, assemble. Pour your strained lavender rose tea into a large mug, then top with your vibrantly pink sweet rose milk!


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