DIY Spa Class Photos – Loose Leaf Tea Market

DIY Spa Class Photos

Sulinya Ramanan

Everyone had a great time at the DIY Spa Class. Thanks to all for coming!
The next one is on Thursday November 9th at 7:30 PM at Town & Country.

You can Register here

 Don't forget to use the code: CLASS2017 for 50% OFF!



The table is set and ready


Flowers to uplift the spirit 


 Sulinya is putting the ingredients together for a hand scrub


While the facial masque is working its magic, we're using an exfoliating hand scrub made from ground rice and cacao


 Making the facial masques with kelp, aloe, Inflammation Relief tea and Matcha


Anti-aging and antioxidant botanicals nourish and protect the skin 


We enjoyed uplifting Happy Place tea while mixing the spa ingredients 


 Applying a rose-mint toner


 Gorgeous and rejuvenated skin 


A side benefit of using 100% botanical skin care products is a feeling of relaxed calm 


 Feeling relaxed and radiant


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