Why Choose Loose Leaf Tea Market

We Know You Can Buy Tea Anywhere.
Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Buy It From Us.


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Healthy Tea Shouldn’t Be Hard To Swallow.

That’s why we’re fixated on infusing every tea blend with 100% natural and delicious flavors that are good for your body, good for your spirit, and good for the planet.

True to taste: "This was brewing in the store when I walked in and I was offered a sample. It was so full of the fruity taste of Pomegranates that it kinda shocked me. I am finally back home after a little from my travels and getting my order together. This is first on my list." – Sylvia Smith



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Our Loose Leaf Teas Are Handmade In Small Batches At Our Tea Store In Phoenix, Arizona

Our products are made by heart-centered humans, not mindless machines. Even better, because we produce everything in small, concentrated batches at our tea store in Phoenix, our teas are always fresh, full of flavor, and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that nourish your mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis.

Love it (Love My Hair tea): "This tea has a great flavor I could tell it was high quality the first time I tried it the taste wowed me can't wait to see if my skin and hair love it also and I would love to try other flavors" – Kanda Ryon



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Every Tea We Make Is Handcrafted To Heal

Our artisan Herbalist has been handcrafting teas that heal since 1998. A graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) and a medicinal herbs expert with more than two decades of experience, she ensures every batch of loose leaf tea is blended with medicinal herbs that heal, and always free of artificial ingredients and additives.

Part of my daily life: "I really can’t do without Inflammation Relief Tea. I start my day with it every day, and it gets things flowing! I read that stress causes inflammation, and inflammation is at the root of many chronic illnesses. I want to give my cells the best chance possible to reverse chronic illness!" – Donna B.



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Our Botanical Tea Blends Are Better For Your Body, Better For Your Spirit, And Better For The Planet.

Good things really do come in little packages. Especially when they’re eco-friendly, like ours. As far as we’re concerned, being a good steward of the planet isn’t just an option, it’s a responsibility. Every small batch of our hand-blended loose leaf teas are made from the highest grade of organic, sustainably sourced ingredients and wrapped in recyclable packaging.

Soothing: "This tea has a wonderful mint flavor. It smells and tastes very soothing. The tea helped relax me and helped my headache. I will definitely purchase again!" – Heidi



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We Use All-Natural, Organic Ingredients

All of our loose leaf tea ingredients come from a handful of trusted suppliers who provide high-quality, organic leaves, herbs and other botanicals. Every ingredient we use is tested in a third-party lab to ensure there are no traces of heavy metals, additives or artificial preservatives for our customers’ safety and enjoyment.

Calms my runaway heart: "I am on the path of better health through natural means in addition to regular visits to my doctors. I am very grateful for Anxiety Relief Tea. It is nice to hold the warm cup, while I rest and give my heart Reiki. I also found your description and YouTube video helpful, educating me about the symptoms of panic attacks." – Donna M Baley-Presutti