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Adorable Beechwood Tea Spoon
Dianna Wingrove (Avella, US)
It is adorable!

I gave the Adorable beechwood tea spoon (with the Bee)as a gift and she Loved it!

Cranberry Apple Tart Tea
Vivienne Wagner (Riverside, US)
This is my "go-to" night time tea!

No caffeine and so yummy! I love this one!

Pure Organic Lavender Tea
Annette Z (Glendale, US)
Best sleep aid!

This tea doesn’t make me sleepy or drowsy after I drink it, but when I do go to bed I get pretty solid sleep! Relaxing, comforting aroma -

Cranberry Apple Tart Tea
Kristin (Phoenix, US)
Cranberry Apple Tart Tea

This tea is so good. Not only does it taste good but I feel lighter and like I am detoxing once I drink it.

Bye Bye, Bloat Tea
Natalia Preston (Dickinson, US)
Earthy taste

Has an earthy taste but its not bad! I can drink it with no sweetener. I’m sure this will help with symptoms if you drink it often. I drank 3 cups when I was having really bad gas pains. It soothed my gas a little.

Cranberry Apple Tart Tea
Natalia Preston (Dickinson, US)
I’m buying my tea here from now on!

Lady Ginger is my new favorite green tea. I normally drink tea with honey, to give it flavor. But this tea doesn’t need anything! I also purchased Cranberry apple tart, which is lovely and not strong tasting. Gut Balance and bye bye bloat are more earthy but not terrible. A lot better than other teas I’ve tried from the grocery store. I also received a free sample of the pomegranate tea, which I mixed with the green tea. I received a free tea steeper as well. Over all very happy with this purchase! Thank you for the hand written note and goodies!

Bulletproof Breakfast Morning Tea Blend
Sarah Avelenda (Denver, US)

I really love the coconut and chocolate flavors that come through!

Bye Bye, Bloat Tea
Vanessa Magallon (Chandler, US)

Bye Bye, Bloat Tea

Sleek & Slender Tea
Vivienne Wagner (Riverside, US)
So yummy and curbs my appetite!

I love to sip this tea throughout the day. It keeps me from just snacking mindlessly, and is delicious, to boot!

Tea Making Essentials Kit
Nora Friel (Rockton, US)

Tea Making Essentials Kit

Lush Lavender Soothing Herbal Tea
Mary Ellen Gross (Kalispell, US)
BLUE tea!!!

I love this tea! The flavor is great and the color is exceptional. It’s really fun to watch the flowers release inky blue drops into the tea as it brews. One of my favorite teas out there!

The quality of this tea speaks for its self. It taste so fresh.

Stress Relief Tea Bundle
Sissy Siero (Austin, US)
Wonderful and Delicious Teas!

A fantastic product awaits upon opening the beautiful package containing expertly formulated and delicious teas. Not to be missed!

Sugar-Busting Tea Bundle
Jessica Day (Bristol, US)
Great taste

Teas have a wonderful flavor and help to curb my mood and need for sugar

Peppermint Twist Tea
Shannon Mitchell (Winsted, US)

Warm and cozy, yet refreshing like a breathe of fresh crisp air! Love it!

Bulletproof Breakfast Morning Tea Blend
Geoff Coulston (Phoenix, US)
Aptly named

This tea is so good….I could possibly quit coffee. And that’s saying a lot. 😀

Bulletproof Breakfast Morning Tea Blend
Cynthia Clark (Rancho Cucamonga, US)
Best Blend Around for inflammation

This was one of 3 blends I purchased and first tried. The blend has a nice mild aroma and soothing taste—just inhaling it as it cools is comforting and calming —so I am sure once it is sipped, similar effects are produced inside the body! You can also reuse the leaves for a second cup with no apparent loss of original deliciousness. Definitely one on my reorder list.

Sugarproof Tea
Kate Adair (Raymond, US)
Blocks the sweet

I did the test of putting teas leaves directly in my mouth just like the video. I then tried something sweet. YES the sweet was blocked. I could taste flavor of the baked good, but it wasn't sweet tasting. Left me feeling like "what's the point of eating it, no flavor to enjoy so it really is empty calories." The flavor of the tea is good and enjoyable so I will purchase more of it, and yes as a tea it works to block the sweet, not as drastically, but it does work.

Smooth Jazz Coffee Replacement Tea
Savannah Maddux (Atlanta, US)
The BEST Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternative I've Ever Tried

It's really hard to find a caffeine-free coffee alternative that isn't gross, let's just be real. Smooth Jazz is soo delicious, especially with a splash of milk and really helps me "get things going", if you know what I mean. I am obsessed!

Tea Talk Box
Marian Richardson
Pretty Package

I ordered the rose petals tea and it delicious also received flavorable trial tea along with a tea infuser mesh ball.. very satisfied with my order. Wish I can submit a picture

Love this Matcha

Hands the best matcha I've had & at such a reasonable price.

Gut Balance Tea
Laurie Polomsky

I’ve bought this multiple times and I am so hooked on your Gut Health tea! I’m obsessed!! I drink it as suggested with some vanilla oatmilk and add some honey. I drink it everyday, hot, in my fave tumbler. It’s my favorite!

Sweater Weather Organic Holiday Tea Blend
Savannah Maddux

I'm a tea lover and drink a lot of tea, and this one is my favorite ever! It's so spicy but in the best way possible. It's amazing hot, especially if you're feeling under the weather. It's meant to boost your immune system and I can tell it really helps with this. Whenever I feel that I'm about to come down with something, I make sure to double up on this tea and I swear it helps every time!

Tea Talk Box
Judy Steele
Less sugar more slimmer

I LOVE your teas, so worth the money. I nerver cared much for hot tea the sweetener and milk also a lot of times I stopped drinking it. Then I was put on metform cos my sugar was pre diabetic and I saw your ad for sleek and slimmer. I have to loose weight for hip replacement also. I said let’s give it a try that’s been 3 weeks ago I watch for carbs and sugar, take my medicine and drink at least 2 cups of sleek and slender and I’m down 8 lbs. The taste is amazing plus I really don’t crave sweets anymore, It’s amazing not even my fav Oreos or peanut M&M’s. Thanksgiving I ate my favs plus had some pecan pie small slices over the 4 days gained 1 lb. Please if you need to cut back or cut out sugar please try this. I won’t say the tea made me loose weight but I will say not wanting or eating sweets and carbs because of the TEA DID. Thank you so much for this great tasting tea I don’t put anything in it , sometimes I do add lemon that’s it. Blessings to all of you on your journey.😍


LOVE this amazing brew as iced tea and the beautifil colors are part of it's magic calming effects. The benefits to hair and skin are definitely noticeable after every pleasing cup.