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Tealyra Lyra Glass Teapot
Michele Mohs (Saint Paul, US)
Glass tea pot

I love this tea pot and use it daily.

Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea
Maria (Portsmouth, US)

Omg this is delightful such a great fall flavor.

Peppermint Twist Tea
Sasha B (Phoenix, US)
Perfect Peppermint Tea

I love this tea so much! I couldn’t wait for fall to stock up on this tea again. I like to blend it with puehr for the day time and on its own at night is perfect. My kids also love it, so it’s fun to make a cup for each of us to sip at night. A fun and healthy evening family habit.

Butter Pecan Oolong Tea
EB (Phoenix, US)

This tea is phenomenal. I first tried it at Weft and Warp and liked it so much that I ordered it for home. A perfect fall tea! The quality of all of the tea here is extraordinary. The fruits and herbs are recognizable within the leaf mixtures to create gorgeous flavor along with real health benefits.

Sugarproof Tea
Kyle Traver (Seattle, US)
Acquired taste, Shocking results!

Boy, this tea sure does what it claims! It’s an interesting drinking experience with slightly tangy, slightly earthy, and mostly herbal flavors that leave your tongue only a little tingly. The numbing effect removes any sense of sweet taste and leaves sugary things tasting bland and uninspiring. Definitely looking forward to tracking my decreased cravings for sweet stuff! Love this company.

Cleanse & Detox Tea Bundle
Kyle Traver (Seattle, US)
Sunday sips with Smooth Jazz

Love this tea! A little sweet, a little nutty, a perfect replacement or compliment to your morning cuppa Joe. The fact that it’s caffeine free offers the option to have a coffee adjacent drink after dinner or later in the evening without worrying about interrupting sleep. So far my experience with this tea company has been excellent, from ordering to packaging; I will be back!

Puerh Organic Fermented Tea
Mike Williams (Poppy) (Phoenix, US)
One of my favorites

This has been one of my favorites since the first taste wonderful flavor

Darjeeling Certified Organic Black Tea
Mike Williams (Poppy) (Phoenix, US)
Great anytime of day

Purchased several times. Great tea anytime of day when you are looking for a wonderful rich flavor

I Heart Pomegranates Tea
Juliet Rozo (Glendale, US)
I DO heart pomegranates!!

This has to be my favorite tea yet. It’s fresh it’s just a hint of sweet. And it’s great for my morning iced tea or a warm cup in the winter! 10/10 recommend

Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea
nancy faith (Scottsdale, US)
Summertime Fav

This is so good .. on ice .. So refreshing and I add some dehydrated strawberries to my iced glass. Delicious..

Nitey Nite Herbal Tea For Sleep
JOLEE KENNEDY (Fort Atkinson, US)

Started drinking this every night before bed. Had been under tremendous stress and my brain couldn't turn off. If I time it about 60-90 minutes before bed, I can settle down easily and sleep comes a lot quicker.

Moroccan Rose Mint Iced Tea
Frances Griffiths (Charleston, US)
❤️ my Moroccan Mint Tea!

I drink this tea every day now…..iced and hot! It is the BEST—I’ll be re-ordering soon!!

Coffee Quitter Tea Blend
Tonya (Surprise, US)
Selling in Bulk for a discount

I love the tea! It is one of the best replacements for coffee that I’ve found! Lately, I’ve been drinking it iced with Cashew creamer and boiling also the Chai leafs with it, it’s great. LLTM also has fantastic Customer service! My only complaint is the cost for size, I do reuse my loose leaf teas. However, the cost is still high for me. Selling in Bulk for a discount would a fantastic way to appreciate loyal customers .

Sinus Relief Herbal Tea
Heather Parker (Rocky Mount, US)
Sinus relief

Lovely mint flavor and just seems to open my sinus so I can breath better. Very soothing.

Lush Lavender Soothing Herbal Tea
Heather Parker (Rocky Mount, US)
Lush lavendar

A great flavor and have not had a chance to make some of the recipes for cold brew yet.

Bulletproof Breakfast Morning Tea Blend
Heather Parker (Rocky Mount, US)
Bulletproof Breakfast

Great alternative to coffee during the week days. I love my coffee but this is wonderful.

Happy Place

There's no bitterness in this Happy Place. Wonderful and delicious.

Tealyra Sumo Ceramic Tea Mug
Scott Robbins (Phoenix, US)
Whoop there it is!

That's what I say when the tea is brewed and I take the lid off. It has become the #1 go to mug in the house. Excellent handle that fits a grown man's fingers. More exotic colors please!

Sleek & Slender Tea
Vanessa Arriaga (San Antonio, US)
Good tea!

I am really enjoying having my cup of tea every morning! I like that it helps manage my hunger.

Daily Calm Relaxing Herbal Tea
Nate (Centennial, US)
Great teas

Very happy with this tea. High quality ingredients and great flavor, has a nice calming effect as well!

Zen A.F. Calming Herbal Tea
Lesly Preiser (Phoenix, US)
Zen AF and more!!!!!

This tea hits the perfect spot when you need to chill. The subtle mint gives you that tingle while the lemon balm gives a fresh calm as the skullcap and kava kava sends you to nirvana. This is my afternoon/evening go to!!

A must have!

I am in love with inflammation relief.
I crave the flavor as well as its benefits everyday. I feel a difference in my aches and pains when I drink it. It also helps with an upset tummy. I'm traveling right now and ran out while on the road. I'll plan better next time because im really missing it. Turmeric is such a warm flavor. I shared with my coworker to help her inflammation pain, and she enjoyed it over ice after steeping. She is now a customer too!

Tropical Vacation Iced Tea
Mary Dilley (Phoenix, US)
I usually don't drink anything other than black tea

But when I saw the post about the Pina Colada mocktail I was interested. I purchased Tropical Vacation tea and tried it out. I love this mocktail. I've tried the tea on its own and was surprised how much I like it. It won't take the place of my Darjeeling but it makes a nice change.

Tea Storage Tins
DAnn Reeths (Two Rivers, US)
Large storage tins

I wish you had much larger storage tins to offer. Reasonablely priced, of course. I purchased 2 lbs of loose tea and 3 large tins were NOT enough!
Thank you!

Moroccan Rose Mint Iced Tea
Olivia (Garnet Valley, US)

I recently went to a Moroccan restauraunt with my Dad and this type of tea was served. I personally didn’t care for it, but he loved it so much I ended up buying him the tea from this website for his birthday. He drinks it all the time now! This was very affordable and I thought the packaging was very cute, as well as coming with a handwritten note, a tiny tea strainer, and sample tea bags as well. Would definitely buy from here again.