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Inflammation Relief Herbal Tea
Inflammation Relief Herbal Tea

I really like the mild flavor of the Inflammation Relief tea. It has a relaxing quality as well.

Inflammation tea is fabulous

Sugar-Busting Tea Bundle
Theresa Smith (Mooresville, US)
not happy

i have never received anything from you yet, and cant get an answer from anyone on whats going on or how to cancel my su

Sugarproof Tea
Christine Flay (Greensboro, US)
Very nice up of tea

I enjoyed the hibiscus flavor. I like sweet tea and struggle with not putting honey in it. My husband did not care for the taste. You can't please everyone. I do recommend it to true herbal tea enthusiasts.

Sinus Relief Herbal Tea
L Spence (Phoenix, US)
Worked great!!

First time I drank it before bed and didn’t get stuffed up all night. Love it.

Detox Chai Cleansing Herbal Tea
L Spence (Phoenix, US)
Smooth and tasty

I love this tea. It’s smooth and tasty.

Not coffee, better

I’m not a coffee drinker but thought of it as my only choice. Now I drink this wonderful tea with frothed coconut milk and love my mornings.

Sugarproof Tea
L Spence (Phoenix, US)

This tea tastes yummy. It’s refreshing.

Customer replacement product

Thank you love it. .

So glad I found this love it

Sugarproof Tea
Catherine Vega (Hatfield, US)
Okay but Expensive

For the price, you sure don’t get much. What is more, it tastes a lot like regular Hibiscus Tea which you can purchase for significantly less.

Sugarproof Tea
Miguel Martinez (Los Angeles, US)
Sugar tea

Got my tea, taste great, so I usually wake up @ nights to drink something sweet! Well had my first cup and I’ll say this I didn’t wake up craving coffee, or any “sugary” drinks or anything thing actually was able to fast till noon, with out craving much other than water. Which was great. Been feeling energized, and more clear minded. Thank you! For this product

Dislike taste and still crave sweets

Sugarproof Tea
Deb Thomas (Houston, US)
Sugar proof yummy

Your products do what they claim. Thats refreshing. I own a ceramic tea infuser mug that works great for these leaves. My sugar cravings peachy gone!

Sugar-Busting Tea Bundle
Nathalie Morgan (Taylors, US)

The flavors are wonderful!! Love the burst of cinnamon. I enjoy my tea over ice.
But haven't noticed a curb in my sweet tooth!

Daily Detox Cleansing Herbal Tea
Erna Krager (Griffin, US)
Daily Detox Tea

I love my Daily Detox tea …
I am very much into my health and wellbeing and The Daily Detox and all of the other tea’s that I have ordered from your company I feel have just made such a difference in my health…
And I truly thank you for that.
Would definitely recommend…

Sugarproof Tea
Simply Sharon, author/speaker/therapist/musician (Nashville, US)
Fantastic!!!! This tea works!

I had suffered with sugar compulsions for a very long time and this tea really works! It will control your sugar cravings and reset that horrible sugar receptor!
These four herbs are the perfect mix and the tea works beautifully get it. You’ll be happy you did!!

Love my cup, just wish it would stay warm a little longer, gets cold fast.

I have been drinking and have not been bloated, and my gut does feel better. I drink gut balance after my meal and bloated in-between.

The package was will pack, and on delivery was still in good shape.

Love this tea, started about a week and still too soon for results..

Sugar-Busting Tea Bundle
alyse lawler (Green Bay, US)

Just wasn't what I thought it would be as far as taste.

Sugar-Busting Tea Bundle
Anna Williams (Abilene, US)
My tea

Tea is delicious and I will order some more pretty soon

Peppermint Twist Tea
Rebecca Menner (Garland, US)

The Peppermint Twist tea is refreshing and one to keep in your selections all year. On my second order of this favorite.