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October Horoscopes


Happy October!

We’re entering the fourth quarter of a very full and eventful year, and October will be just as action-packed and significant. The full moon near the beginning of the month sets the tone for high energy.



Is the carrot that you’re chasing a goal you have set for yourself or is it possible that someone is leading you on? Make sure the energy that you expend this month falls under the category of Mutually Beneficial Situation For All. The best way to tell what’s what is to be grounded and crystal clear about what you want and what you’re willing to do to achieve it. Most beneficial teas for you this month are Dark Chocolate and Chocomaya Chai. Real chocolate (cacao, not milk chocolate candy) promotes self-knowledge and a direct line to your inner self. There, you will find everything you need.



Full moon in your sign on the 5th means a lot of energy is focused on you. How do you feel about being the in the spotlight, Taurus? Maybe it’s time to remind you that no matter what your “flaws” are, you’re still pretty amazing. As a matter of fact, I bet there are people in your life who are trying to get that message to you in their own imperfect ways. Compliments are not bullets to be dodged, but sprinkles of stardust that add to your shine. Your tea this month is Happy Place, to help you feel shiny on the inside. Might I suggest a little aromatherapy as well? The aromas of Geranium and Frankincense will melt fear and invite in the light.



Slow down once a day, Gemini; pick a time and deeply ponder about things that are important to you. October’s energy is high, and while it’s all complementary and harmonious, it’s still a lot of energy, and like any other resource, energy must be managed. Think about energy as if it were money: sometimes you have barely enough to scrape by, while other times, you’re throwing twenties in the air like they do in the movies. Be wise with your energetic windfall this month, and it might end up paying “dividends” for a long time to come. Two perfect teas for you: Coffee Quitter (no, you don’t have to quit coffee, the tea has other benefits) and Bulletproof Breakfast. Both of these have a quality that will serve you well.



I hope you enjoyed last month’s creative spurt, but now it’s time to do the grown-up stuff while still making time for your inner child. You get to be both, Cancer: a responsible, tax-paying, vegetable-eating grown-up AND a messy dreamy silly kid. It’s also ok to color outside the lines at work, and pay attention to form, line, and perspective during play. Treat your inner adult to some playful Joyful Garden tea, and educate your wild side with a cultured cup of Ti Quan Yin Oolong.



Don’t be afraid to let loose this month, Leo. Have fun, dress up for Halloween, and choose a costume that reflects a glimmer of your secret soul. What fantastic, otherworldly qualities are waiting for you to try them on for size? Being human is a marvelous adventure, Leo, and this month provides you with an opportunity to discover things you never knew you needed. Your tea this month is I Heart Pomegranates tea because it fuels and nourishes your great big lion heart.



Busy, busy, busy. Does this mean a little traveling for you? Extra commitments? Side jobs? No matter what busy-ness is consuming your days this month, pay close attention to your dreams at night (or in the wee hours of the morning). Underneath the buzz of your day-to-day is a deeper, slower rhythm with messages and meanings just for you. Your dreams might seem like random jumbles, but every stray fragment is a piece of the greater puzzle you’re currently working on. The most beneficial teas for you are Dreaming True and Daily Calm, both of which will help relax your mind and body and allow your inner magic to flow more freely.



No matter what else, Libra, this month is your month, at least until the 21st so if there’s something that you have been wanting in your life, now is the time to seize it. Here are two things in life that are rarely handed to us: personal empowerment, and vacation time. You actually need to take these by making them a priority and doing what it takes to achieve them. If you feel uncomfortable about making waves, ask yourself this question: do I want to avoid conflict now or regret later? A hot cup of Lucky Morning Spice can help you get out of your own way and start living the life you’ve always wanted.



Your motto this month, Scorpio, is “let it flow”. The intensity of the full moon will heighten the intensity of your emotions, and rather than labeling, stuffing, or denying your them, do your best to simply feel them. When you let your emotions just do their thing, you’ll notice that they pass through you pretty quickly. And then you’re fine. You might even feel more energized and refreshed afterward, which will then allow you to experience more lighthearted fun. After all, the sun will be moving into your sign later this month, so keep your eyes on your goals, and go with the flow. If you need a little help, a cup of Daily Detox tea will do the trick.



This is an intense month for the people around you. Your mission, Sagittarius, is to carry the spirit of fun and inspiration with you and share it with everyone you meet. Your positive energy will light up the room this month, so do whatever it takes to feel vibrant and happy. Eat your favorite foods, wear your favorite jewelry, and selfishly take care of yourself. When you’re in top form, your positive vibes will uplift everyone you meet. Drink bright happy teas like Happy Place and Uber-Berry, and sprinkle some sweet orange essential oil around your desk at work, and watch the magic happen.



Stay focused this month, Capricorn, put your head down, and tackle your projects and tasks as they come. Don’t let unfinished projects pile up. Your motto this month is simple: when you think about it, do it. Some vigorous physical exercise will release tension and add to your feelings of accomplishment. This can be an important month for you, Cappy, so seize every precious moment and make the most of it. Your teas are Daily Calm, to help you maintain your inner peace, and Bulletproof Breakfast to give you the necessary fuel that you need.



Those new ideas that I encouraged you to cultivate last month are like seeds below the surface of the soil. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they’re not there, lying dormant until the perfect combination of your attention and divine timing awaken them and they push through the surface. Don’t neglect or give up on them just because you don’t see them yet, Aquarius. Sometimes new growth has to germinate and put down roots before pushing into the light. Like every other living thing, your hopes and dreams require some TLC. Joyful Garden tea will nourish your body while you nourish your dreams.



It is sometimes said that big stories are hunting for the right people to tell them. This is also true for innovative ideas and fantastic adventures. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s recent book “Big Magic”, she explores the theory that creative ideas are living spirits that want to be born, but need to partner with someone who will commit to making it happen. This month holds the potential of being a significant time in your life, Pisces. The key word is potential. If you’re ready for a change in your status quo, you might be ripe for the picking by a creative idea that has its eye on you. Your teas this month are sweet ones: Blueberry Thrill and Cherry Bomb, both of which will soothe your soul and stir your spirit.


Here's to a magical October!



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