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Try This Summer Recipe for More Energy and Clearer Skin: Matcha Strawberry Lemonade with Mint

August 25, 2022

Try This Summer Recipe for More Energy and Clearer Skin: Matcha Strawberry Lemonade with Mint

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Are you looking for a go to iced tea recipe this summer that will make you have clearer skin and a better mood? In this iced tea recipe, we added a twist: matcha! It's still hot out and there is nothing better than a crisp iced tea after a being outside in the heat. If you're a matcha lover or a matcha skeptic, keep reading! I think you're going to love this one.

 strawberry matcha lemonade

The Health Benefits of Drinking this Iced Tea

Strawberry Lemonade Tea

Sweet and tart refreshing tea that's both healthy and fun! This fresh and fruity blend lifts your mood, supports your immune system, and helps keep your skin clear and beautiful. Even better, Strawberry Lemonade tea is filled with antioxidants to keep you healthy all year round.


Unlike the caffeine found in coffee, the unique chemistry of the caffeine in Matcha creates a clean buzz without the crash. Matcha doesn't create spikes in adrenaline or insulin, and the energy lift is a longer, smoother ride than the intense buzz from coffee. Adding matcha to your drinks will give you that boost of energy you've been needing, without the crash!

Also, green tea is extremely high in antioxidants that will not only prevent acne, but also prevent wrinkles. Lucky for us, matcha's growing process creates even higher levels of antioxidants than standard green teas because the entire leaf is consumed. 

And, it doesn't just help your skin! Green Teas/Matcha have so many other health benefits that it would take up the rest of this blog! If you are looking to learn more about green tea, check out Green Tea 101 and 6 Reasons to Drink Green Tea.

highest quality matcha


Lemon is high in vitamin c, which is great for collagen production. Eating lemons will help your skin look brighter and have more buoyancy!


Both spearmint and peppermint are great for digestion and gut health, so use whichever mint you prefer or is easier to find. Has your mom ever told you to drink mint tea on an upset stomach? That's why! Your gut health is intricately linked to your overall health, including your skin health. Mint may help with hormonal acne for its connection to improving gut health, but also because it's been shown in some studies to decrease testosterone levels in women.

Beyond, health benefits, it also adds so much flavor! If there's any culinary tip that I have learned over the years, it's using fresh herbs. If you want to take any dish or drink to restaurant level, use fresh herbs!

fresh mint fresh herbs delicious healthy

Try this herb kit so that you can have fresh herbs, year-round! 

Now, let's get to the recipe!

Ingredient List

How to Make It

1) First, make your strawberry/Strawberry Lemonade Tea mixture.

Brew your Strawberry Lemonade tea on the stove: add 2 teaspoons of tea to a drawstring bag. Add your drawstring bag to a small pot with 1 cup water. Simmer on low for 5 minutes. Stir in the honey until completely dissolved.

Next, take out drawstring tea bag and add your strawberries into the pot. Keep on low until the strawberries have somewhat dissolved into the water. Using a muddler or masher to squish them will help expedite the process! Add the juice from 1/4 lemon to the pot. Once smooth, take off the heat to let cool.

healthy drink for clear skin

2) Next, make your matcha mixture.

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of matcha into 3 tablespoons of hot water using a matcha, regular or electric whisk. Make sure it's combined well with no lumps.

3) After that, it's time for muddling!

Grab a glass jar and add the rest of your wedged lemons and the mint. Muddle until nice and smooshed! This will release all the delicious flavors and add a citrusy freshness to your iced tea.

4) All that's left is layering!

Add a handful of ice on top of your muddled mixture to keep it nice and cool. Then, add the Strawberry Lemonade and strawberry mixture. Next, the matcha mixture! You'll get a really cool swirl of the matcha mixing into the rest of the tea.

*Disclaimer: the drink won't look as pretty once the matcha mixes in, that's why we had to take the pics before the matcha was mixed in :) But, trust me, it tastes amazing together.

This drink is so delicious and refreshing, while also containing some really powerful ingredients that help you have a better mood and clearer skin. Tag me on Instagram or TikTok when you make it. I love to see your creations!

strawberry lemonade delicious refreshing

If you liked this recipe, check out our Healthy Boba Recipe for Summer Skin.


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