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Yummy Raspberry-Mango-Lime Rooibos Tea Recipe

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What quenches your thirst, rejuvenates your skin, fights inflammation, supports your immune system, and also tastes delicious? The answer: Raspberry-Mango-Lime Rooibos tea!


iced tea with fruit

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The antioxidants, vitamins, and bioflavonoids in this yummy and easy to prepare tea recipe have loads of health benefits. Unique compounds found in caffeine-free rooibos are naturally anti-inflammatory, and will soothe irritation and rashes. When consumed regularly, rooibos can exert a calming effect on eczema.

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Fresh mangoes are high in beta carotene, which encourages the formation of healthy new skin cells. Raspberries contain special bioflavonoids that strengthen connective tissue, protect your heart, and also help prevent cancer.



Unlike green tea, antioxidant-rich rooibos doesn’t contain caffeine or tannins, and won’t become bitter, even if you steep it too long. The fruits in this recipe provide more than enough sweetness, so no added sweetener is necessary.

Serves 3

3 cups hot water

1 tablespoon rooibos tea

Half of a fresh mango, cut into chunks

The juice of one fresh lime

A large handful of fresh raspberries, rinsed

Ice (Optional: replace ice cubes with chunks of frozen mango or pineapple)



Equipment needed:

A mesh strainer like this one

A high speed blender

A loose leaf tea infuser (these universal filters are easy to use and will last for years)

To prepare:

Steep the rooibos in hot water for 5 minutes, and remove tea leaves. 

While the tea is steeping, squeeze the lime, and place the juice in the blender.

Next, pour the tea into the blender with the mango and raspberries.

Blend at high speed until smooth. Pour thorough a strainer to filter out any remaining raspberry seeds.

Pour into your glass over ice, and enjoy!

tea with confetti 

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