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The Sneaky Reason Your Hair Is Brittle and Your Skin Looks Terrible: Inflammation

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Ever thought about why, even with all those top-tier skincare products and treatments, your skin and hair still aren't glowing as they should? Inflammation and skin health might be more interconnected than you realize. In this article, we'll deep dive into how this internal process may be quietly impacting your external radiance. Plus, we'll tackle inflammation's relationship with hair health, making this a must-read for those chasing beauty from the inside out.

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What is Inflammation Anyway?

Inflammation is the body's natural response to injury or infection. It's a sign that the body is doing its job, rushing to heal and defend against invaders. However, when this process doesn't shut down or is triggered constantly, it becomes chronic. This persistent inflammation can harm cells and tissues, including those of the skin and scalp.


Inflammation & Hair: The Pesky Reason You Have Dry, Brittle Hair

Before you blame your shampoo or that discounted hair treatment you tried, let’s chat about a silent troublemaker: inflammation.


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Here’s what inflammation might be doing behind the scenes:

  1. Drying Out Your Hair: Think of those moments you can't stop scratching your head. That itchy, flaky scalp might be more than just dandruff. Inflammation can get those hair follicles all riled up, making them weaker over time. The result? Potential hair thinning or even a more noticeable loss.

  2. Blocking Important Nutrients: Our hair thrives on good blood flow; it’s like its lifeline, delivering all the juicy nutrients and oxygen. But inflammation? It’s like a roadblock, reducing this flow. And without proper nourishment, our hair can turn dry, brittle, and way more prone to those frustrating breakages.


So, before you toss out that new hair product, maybe it's time to peek into what's happening inside. Your hair might just be signaling for some anti-inflammatory love!


    The Connection Between Inflammation And Skin Problems

    You know those days when you wake up, glance in the mirror, and think, "Why does my skin look so...angry?" When our body senses something's not right, be it stress, pollution, or that sugary treat we couldn't resist, it responds with inflammation as a protective measure.

    Redness, acne flare-ups, those patches of eczema, or even those wrinkles that seem to have appeared overnight? Yup, all can be signs of skin inflammation.

    Let's be honest, none of us need added drama in our lives, especially not from our skin. So, keep reading if you want to learn what to do about it!


    What To Do About It: How To Overcome Inflammation Naturally For Better Hair And Skin

    So, now that we've pinpointed inflammation as the meddling middleman behind our skin and hair troubles, let's move past the woes and into action. By incorporating these natural remedies and habits into your routine, you can not only ward off inflammation but also lay the foundation for healthier, radiant hair and skin.

    ginger tea with fresh lemon for inflammation


    1) Anti-Inflammatory Teas

    • Inflammation Relief: This organic, caffeine-free blend combines the potent anti-inflammatory properties of Tulsi (Holy Basil), Chamomile, and Chrysanthemum. These botanicals work in harmony to provide relief of inflammation, boosting the radiance of the hair and skin.
    • Turmeric Fusion: This fragrant, lightly-spiced blend is designed to keep inflammation at bay while promoting gut health and focused energy. With the potent power of turmeric and other beneficial ingredients like cardamom and ginger, you may notice luscious locks, reduced bloating, clearer skin, and an overall energy boost.
    • Happy Place: A caffeine-free concoction filled to the brim with antioxidants. Infused with ginger and turmeric—two potent anti-inflammatory ingredients—this delightful brew also aids in digestion and eases stress, which can encourage healthy skin and hair!
    • Roman Provence Rooibos: This caffeine-free brew is packed with elderberries, rosehips, rose petals, and lavender, each known for their anti-inflammatory effects. Rich in antioxidants, it'll make your skin glow!
    Get all four anti-inflammatory teas in August's Tea Talk Box.

      2) Natural Anti-Inflammatory Skincare


      3) Anti-Inflammatory Foods

      • Chia Seeds: These tiny seeds pack a punch. Their plant-based omega-3s can counteract inflammation, making them a top choice for your morning smoothie.
      • Blueberries: These tiny blue gems are much more than just a sweet treat. Eating them can help prevent oxidative stress and reduce inflammation.
      • Broccoli: Broccoli contains a compound called sulforaphane, which has caught attention for its potential anti-inflammatory benefits. Simply put, sulforaphane may help boost our body's natural defense against harmful molecules that promote inflammation.


      gua sha for inflammation


      4) Anti-Inflammatory Treatments

      • Abhyanga: This Ayurvedic self-massage ritual using warm oil can not only help to reduce inflammation, but it also grounds and balances the body.
      • Facial Gua Sha: This traditional Chinese technique involves massaging your skin with a gua sha tool to improve circulation, which can help with inflammation.


      5) Fermented Foods For Inflammation

      • Kefir: This fermented milk can help to introduce beneficial bacteria, balancing the gut microbiome, and thus reducing gut-induced inflammation.
      • Sauerkraut: A fermented cabbage that aids in digestion and reduces gut inflammation.
      • Miso: It not only adds a umami flavor to dishes, but also introduces beneficial bacteria and can reduce inflammation.


      Navigating the world of inflammation and its sneaky effects on skin and hair has never been more essential. With the powerful tools and knowledge we've shared, you're now equipped to give your skin and hair the love and care they deserve. Remember, beauty is an inside job. By targeting inflammation at its core, we're not just improving our outward appearance but also setting the stage for holistic wellness. Cheers to a brighter, healthier you!

      Thanks so much for reading. Want to know more about inflammation? Learn more about August's teas for inflammation. Also, check out this Energizing Iced Tea Recipe For Inflammation.

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