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Here's What's Happening In May

April 30, 2020

Here's What's Happening In May


It's May already! Can you believe it? Who would have thought we would be where we are now, in this drawn-out state of uncertainty and weirdness? But here we are, and it is my mission to help you feel more grounded, calm, and empowered throughout all of the craziness with our delicious, uplifting teas.

As a good friend of mine recently told me: we're all about Wellness During The Weirdness.


Mother's Day


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Lockdown or no lockdown, Mother's Day is right around the corner. And Mom is going to need a gift.

We're making that easy for you with our selection of gift boxes

There's one especially for Mom, called The Mom Box, with an adorable mug and other fun teas and goodies. Supplies are limited so grab yours now.

The Tea Lover's Tasting Box is a lovely luxurious option, with ten teas and a reactive glaze ceramic mug that she will love to use all year long.

The Zen Box is all about creating chill, peaceful vibes with tea, aromatherapy, sage, and more.

And don't forget our monthly subscription boxesShow Mom how much you care every month of the year (or until you cancel).

The Wellness Box delivers $50+ worth of teas, herbs, botanicals, and other healthy lifestyle products to her door for only $29.95 per month.

If she's just getting into teas, The TEAser Box has three teas plus an extra goodie for only $12.95 per month!

Click here to learn more about our subscription boxes.


For a little astrological inspiration on what to buy your mom, check out this article 


Want to add a special handwritten note to your gift orders? As soon as you place your order, shoot us an email with the details at!


New Subscription Options

Not sure if you want to be surprised every month? If you're like me, you have your favorites and don't necessarily want to try a whole bunch of new things, thank you very much. So now, you can subscribe to any of our products! Make your life easier by getting your favorite products every month, at a 10% discount to boot. You don't even have to think about it, just set it and forget it. You can cancel any time.


Local Phoenix Shoppers: Problem Solved

In-store pickup is now available when shopping on our website! If you’re out and about (safely, of course) and want to pick your order up at the store, you can now choose this as an option. The way it works is simple: as soon your cart is ready, select checkout, you will see the in-store pickup option as a little box. Click on the box, fill out who is picking up the order, the date they're coming, and the best contact phone number. So simple, right?

Pickup times: Mon-Sat 11-5, Sun 12-4


The Elephant In The Room: Shipping Delays

Here at Loose Leaf, we make every effort to send your order out within 24 hours of receiving it. However, once it leaves our hands and goes into the custody of a shipping carrier, due to complications caused by COVID, all shipping is subject to delays.

USPS has had the most delays and odd reroutes. For example, a package going to LA from Phoenix might be rerouted to Tennessee. Packages to Texas have gone to Oregon before heading Southwest again. USPS is sometimes the cheaper option than UPS, but even choosing two day select is no guarantee that it will arrive within two days. For this, we are very sorry, and totally sympathize with you. 

UPS might be a little more expensive, but has been more reliable. Note that UPS does not deliver to PO boxes, it must be to a physical address. Also note that UPS ground isn't very fast. However, it isn't a whole lot slower lately either, so... 

No matter which carrier you choose, here’s how you can help to avoid unnecessary delays:

  • Make sure the shipping address is correct
  • Don't forget to include street direction (N, E, etc)
  • Indicate if it’s a street, avenue, lane, etc. In large cities like Phoenix, streets and avenues are not interchangeable, and can make all the difference on whether or not you get your package
  • If the package is going to an apartment, indicate which unit it's going to, or the carrier may mark it as "undeliverable" and it ends up in Mailroom Purgatory somewhere in the U.S. that may be thousands of miles from the intended destination. 

Many apartment complexes are no longer accepting packages in the leasing office, so make sure to include the apartment number.



custom orders are cool


Do You Want Something Special?

Here are a few things we can do just for you:

  • Custom capsules
  • Custom teas
  • Special orders of rare or hard to find herbs

For more information, call us at 602-283-1210


We will keep you updated with any changes, news, or events!

Wishing you a happy, healthy May,





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