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According To Astrology, Here’s What To Expect In March

February 24, 2019 2 Comments

According To Astrology, Here’s What To Expect In March


March is the month of change and disruption, and is brought to you by the elements Blustery Wind and Chilly Water, the proud sponsors of March Madness and distracted unproductiveness. The month is full of movement and activity, similar to an airport: not a good place to rest, but plenty of excitement and possibility.

The sun is in the sign of Pisces until the 20th. The Pisces vibe is creative, floaty, and dreamy. You may feel a little more sensitive than usual, but emotional states are likely to come and go, like water. Practice meditation, and pay attention to your dreams during Pisces season. Your special task is to maintain healthy boundaries, as lines can get blurred under the Piscean influence.

On Friday the 1st, Venus, which rules relationships and love, enters the quirky and intellectual sign of Aquarius. Romantically speaking, this is not a steamy placement for Venus. If the heat cools a little in your relationship, this might have something to do with it. The positive side of Venus in Aquarius is the potential for new experiences and doing something out of the ordinary. Skip the romantic dinner for two and plan a date night at the science museum or go ethnic grocery store hopping. Experiment with the weird and exotic, the unconventional and non-traditional. Be friends with your loved ones. Plan unique road trips with the kids. That’s the vibe for most of the month, so try to have fun with it. To everything there is a season.



On Tuesday the 5th, Mercury goes retrograde and stays that way until the 28th. If you’re new to astrology and are unfamiliar with what this means, here it is in a nutshell. Three times a year, Mercury appears to move backward for a period of about three weeks. It isn’t actually going backward, it just seems that way due to the position of Mercury in relation to earth and the sun. In astrology, Mercury is associated with communication and travel, and, more recently, technology. During retrograde periods, a virtual wrench gets thrown into the works, gumming up travel plans, mixing up dates, and causing small devices to suddenly go on the fritz. Misunderstandings are frequent, so make every effort to be as unambiguous as possible, especially when communicating via email and text.


The following day ushers in the new moon in Pisces. This is the ideal day to hibernate, either figuratively or literally, or at least spend some time in meditation or journaling. If you haven’t adopted a meditation habit, this is the perfect time to start. Pisces is a sensitive sign, so be gentle with yourself as well as others.


St. Patrick’s Day falls on Sunday the 17th. The moon is in the expansive sign of Leo, which might increase strong feelings of Irish pride, even if you’re not Irish. If you drink, it might end up being rousing good time. If you don’t fancy a hooley, you can celebrate the Irish spirit in solitude, writing poetry or communing with the fairies, all very respectable Irish pastimes.



Next up is the big event of the season, the Spring Equinox, landing on Wednesday the 20th. The sun moves from watery Pisces into fiery Aries, changing up the vibe completely. The moon is also full, starting the day in earthy Virgo, and transitioning into romantic Libra at the end of the day. The energy of spring is out in force during the equinox, when the days are visibly longer, and the ground begins to warm and ripen.


The moon begins to wane (that means it's getting smaller), and enters intense Scorpio on the 22nd, hanging out there until the wee hours of the 25th. If you were planning on doing some spring cleaning, these are the peak days to get rid of any stubborn physical or emotional grime left over from the winter season. Waning moon in Scorpio is a great time to emotionally detox. Scorpio is all about power, and powerful emotions. If someone has been pushing your buttons lately, it might be time to get to the bottom of it. Being healed is far preferable to being held back by unresolved issues. 

On Tuesday the 26th, Venus departs from impersonal Aquarius, and enters emotional and dreamy Pisces. With this placement, emotional relationship drama will wear you out pretty quickly, so be chill and relax.


Finally, Mercury returns to forward motion on Thursday the 28th. With the moon on the wane, you will feel tensions ease up and start draining away as the month comes to a close. 


On Sunday the 31st, dynamic Mars, which rules how we work and handle projects, moves to the restless sign of Gemini. Mars sticks around until the 15th of May, when it moves into Taurus, a much more placid and grounded placement. Mars in Gemini is perfect for tackling projects that you can bang out fast and then move on to the next thing. It’s certainly not ideal for projects requiring sustained efforts, when you’re distracted by butterflies, spring flowers, and shiny things.



Your March spirit animal is Mr. Clean. Call upon him when guilt and a sink full of dirty dishes isn’t a strong enough motivation to get off the couch. Welcome his energy into your life, break out the mop and duster, and allow the strong and mighty Mr. Clean spirit to kick ass and clean house. Here is a tasty recipe to help you cleanse on the inside. 


If you’re looking for something a little more chill, try this simple Mediterranean-inspired cleansing ritual. Light a white candle, and run a bath. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into the tub, and toss both halves of the lemon into the tub, along with a handful of sea salt. Climb in and visualize dirty smoke and toxins being drawn out of you while you soak. In your imagination, pretend that the light of the candle is filling you up with clean, sweet, perfect light. Stay in the tub until you feel sparkly, inside and out.


Just as the planets influence certain aspects of our lives, the moon influences some of our day-to-day activities. Here are some good days to keep in mind:

  • Do you garden? The best days for planting seedlings for this year’s garden are the 5th, 6th, 7th
  • Best days to do a juice cleanse, or spring clean your house are the 21st through the 24th
  • Best days to get something off your chest: the 25th and 26th
  • Best days to tie up loose ends, and finish up projects are the 5th through the 18th

Best teas this month are Daily Detox and Detox Chai. Straight up peppermint is both warming and cooling, motivating and relaxing. Oolong teas will warm you at your core, and motivate your body to burn fat. Speaking of burning fat, Sleek & Slender will provide lots of support for your efforts, plus it tastes amazing and feels good in your belly. Increase your luck with Lucky Morning Spice, made with ingredients long associated with good fortune and luck in all matters.

Read also: Can Drinking Tea Actually Increase Your Luck?


Wishing you a fresh and fab March!


2 Responses


February 24, 2019

Great write up! Super fun and informative! You rock! Xo


February 24, 2019

May the luck of the Irish be with us all, put a spring on our step, and a smile in our heart for now and forever 🍀🍀🍀♥️♥️♥️😊

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