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Quick Hacks to Clear Negative Vibes



If your life is anything like mine, last week was not for the faint-hearted! Over that weekend, my car was broken into and ransacked overnight while it was parked in my (supposedly) secure, gated community. The incident left me feeling shaken and deeply saddened—both because I felt unsafe in my home and because of the negativity that must have provoked such an act. Thankfully, there are a number of quick and natural hacks to clear negative energy, and these were very helpful for me to recenter and return to normal. In this post, I’ll be sharing a few powerful tricks that will help you clear negative energy from your own life! Let’s get started.


1. Natural Salt


Perhaps the easiest way to rid yourself of negative energy is with large-grain natural salt crystals—for example, Himalayan or Dead Sea salts. These salts purify your body and home on a physical level and help create a feeling of groundedness and protection. You can use salts by adding them to bathwater or circle your body with a fistful of salt three times counterclockwise and three times clockwise to cleanse your body. To cleanse your home, you can fill bowls with salts and place them in the corners of each room or area that needs cleansing.


2. Prana (Life Energy)


Consuming only high-pranic foods for a period of time is of the most powerful tools I have ever used for cleansing negative energy. High-vibrational raw plant foods, like fresh-pressed juices or produce that just been picked, have powerful life energy that instantly uplifts your entire being. I find juice feasting to be the most effective—see for yourself!



3. Sound


Harmonious frequencies from singing bowls or other healing music can do wonders to heal the energy of a space. If you can create your own sounds with singing bowls, great! However, that is not feasible or practical for everyone. An easier option is to create a playlist of healing music (some personal favorites are Chakra Chants and Frequencies: Sounds of Healing by Jonathan Goldman) and play it in your room or home while you are away (or overnight). Your space will take on the positive energy of the sound you play.


4. Smudging and Burning


You have probably heard of sage or palo santo smudging to clear negative energy. These are both extremely effective tools to release negativity. However, you can also use rosemary—an ancient Egyptian smudging herb. Bundle several twigs of rosemary and burn them for a minute. Fresh rosemary is best for this! Not only will it create a beautiful aroma, but you will powerfully remove negative energies.


There are other herbs and resins that you can burn as well! You can try using frankincense and myrrh, which are both powerful resins that have been used for energy clearing and purification. They also enhance meditation.



5. Essential Oil Cleansing


Essential oils are extremely concentrated plant extracts that have powerful healing effects. As it turns out, they are not only good for addressing physical or mental ailments (like stress) but are effective for purifying energy.


There are many essential oils that can be used for energy purification, and many ways to use them. Clove, eucalyptus, and oregano are excellent for clearing negative energy, while rosemary, lavender, and sweet orange help to bring positive energy. Try using different oils to see what resonates with you!


To use them, think about the areas that you touch often or are in frequent contact with. Cleaning your carpet with essential oils not only rids your home of a lot of bacteria, but purifies your home on a root level—quite literally, the ground on which you stand. Your bedding also benefits from essential oil cleansing, as you will breathe them all night. You can purify your air with a diffuser that emanates essential oils. Lastly, you can use essential oils to clean your counters, tubs, and other appliances.


6. Positive Thoughts


Your mind is far more powerful than you realize. Your thought loops create patterns in energy and behaviors that shapes the quality of your life and those that you impact. If you have been impacted by a negative situation or negative energy, focus on keeping your mind strong. In these times, self-care is critical. Nurture yourself to help you keep your thoughts as positive as possible. This will have an enormous and lasting impact to protect and repel negative energy.


We hope you found this useful! What other hacks do you use to cleanse negative energy? Comment below!   



Loose Leaf Tea Market
Loose Leaf Tea Market

Roopa, thank you! I’m sorry to hear that happened in your areas as well! I hope you are enjoying Kerala!

Roopa Singh
Roopa Singh

Hi, thank you for this, reading it from Kerala! I am sorry to hear your car got broken into, my gated apartment complex in Tempe has that happen a lot, same when we lived in Central PHX. Take good care.

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