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Natural Remedies For Heartbreak

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Heartbreak sucks.

It’s the opposite of the euphoric feeling you get when you’re falling in love. Heartbreak spares no one; no matter who you are or where you live, unless you live in a box all by yourself, you will experience the intense emotional phenomenon known as heartbreak.


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Heartbreak Isn't Just Emotional

Not everyone experiences heartbreak the same way. Some people feel numb, some experience anguish, and others become angry, or depressed, or overwhelmed with the heavy weight of despair. Although heartbreak is an emotional event, it is nearly always experienced in the body in some way. Some of the most common physical side effects of a broken heart include: sleeplessness, lethargy, lack of appetite, an inability to concentrate, sometimes even physical pain. Extreme emotional distress can cause hormonal upset and lowered immunity. It can make your hair fall out. 


How Can I Make My Broken Heart Heal Faster?

When it comes to heartbreak, time is the most reliable medicine. But if you want to get your mojo back faster and start feeling good about yourself again, here are some effective natural tips and techniques that can help you transition through the painful parts more smoothly.

Number one: don’t stuff your emotions, and don't judge them. The most effective technique I have ever used is simple but powerful. It goes like this: Feel the feeling, and let it run out. You will be surprised to note that when you don't try to manipulate or suppress or analyze your feelings, when you simply allow yourself to feel those sucky feelings, the feeling actually runs out. It doesn't go on endlessly. Use these words mentally (or out loud) when you get a feeling coming on: Feel it, and let it run out. Repeat the process whenever the feelings crop up. You will be amazed at how helpful this technique is. 


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Breathe. According to Chinese medicine, the emotion of grief settles in the lungs. So keep your lungs open and the energy flowing by taking slow, deep breaths. Use your belly to pull down your diaphragm and let your lungs fill, then empty. Fill, and empty. Do it slowly. Breathe in to the count of seven, hold to the count of four, exhale to the count of seven, hold empty to the count of four. Repeat three to ten times. 

You might feel like garbage, but don’t treat your body like a trash can. Now is the time to treat your mind, body, and soul as something precious. You just got steamrollered, and your body needs high quality food to help you get through to the other side of it. Avoid junk food, sugar, and alcohol, in favor of nutrient-dense nourishment. Healthy, clean foods will help to boost the positive mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain. Some of the best foods to get you through a breakup include fish, dark chocolate, bananas, beets, and cayenne pepper.

Move your body. Emotions can get trapped in your body. Physical movement that makes you sweat or ache afterward can help release them. Plus, exercise increases those important feel-good endorphins that you need right now. Walk, run, do yoga, punch the couch pillows, dance, stomp, or hit the weights. All movement is good. 

Sleep. Healing takes place when you sleep. It might be hard to sleep, with your mind chasing endless and pointless thought loops that go nowhere. This is where relaxing botanicals (like Nitey Nite tea) can be uber-helpful.

Write it out. Dump your thoughts and emotions in a journal. Journaling is cathartic. You can say anything you want. Your journal is your safe space to curse, scream at the unfairness of it all, and say all of those things that you wish you could have said in the moment. Your journal is where you can let loose and clear your head. 

Get rid of stuff. Don’t wallow in the past and torture yourself with what was. It’s over. Goodwill and Craigslist are your friends. Sell or donate items that remind you of your ex, including jewelry. 

Get yourself a nice piece of rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz is believed to keep your heart open to love, and the most important kind of love you need when dealing with a broken heart is self-love. I heard a quote that stuck with me from a movie called “Kama Sutra – A Tale Of Love”. After an incredibly heart-wrenching event, the main character said, "Knowing love, I will allow all things to come and go, to be as supple as the wind, and take everything that comes with great courage.... life is right in any case. My heart is as open as the sky." Carry the rose quartz with you until you start feeling better about yourself. 


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Lean on healing teas and other botanicals to help regulate your mood and energy levels. Plants heal more than just the body; they also influence and heal the mind and the emotions. Something as simple as a cup of peppermint tea, or a little lavender essential oil can rapidly create comforting feelings of wellbeing and calm. Other botanical quick remedies can come right from your kitchen: the smell and taste of cinnamon can help you feel more positive and energized; basil calms the nerves, so eat plenty of it in pesto and on sandwiches and salads; the peel of citrus fruits contains essential oils that banish depression, so scratch the peel and inhale as often as needed. My favorite plant remedy for dealing with intense emotions is to smudge with sage. It is a ritual that never fails to work within minutes.


The Best Herbal Teas To Heal From Heartbreak

Daily Calm will help you stay levelheaded and calm during difficult and stressful times. The relaxing effects will also be felt in your body.

I Heart Pomegranates nourishes, protects and nurtures your heart. If your heart just took a beating, this tea will comfort you, and ease feelings of stress.

If your emotions threaten to spiral out of control, you're panicking, and you feel like you’re holding on by a thread, try Anxiety Relief tea.

Nitey Nite contains herbs that relax your body and quiet those unwanted thoughts that keep going around and around inside your head, keeping you awake.

Lush Lavender is the ideal tea when you need to feel calm, composed, and clear-headed. The tea is naturally blue, and blue is associated with truth and protection.

Feeling overwhelmed with anger, resentment, or other toxic emotions? Daily Detox helps your body release pent up emotions. 

Elderberry Tonic can support your immune system during times of intense emotional stress. 


Need a little help dealing with a broken heart? Use code HEARTBREAK for 20% off teas for sleep, anxiety, and mood.


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Be kind to yourself.

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