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An Eye-Opening Full Moon Tea Ritual For People Who Just Can't Figure Out What They Want In Life

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Does this sound like you?

  • Bored at work
  • You can't figure out what your passion is
  • You know that there's more to life but don't know what it's supposed to be
  • You lack clear direction in your life
  • You have no idea what you really want

If you can relate to any of the above statements, number one, you're not alone, and number two, you can draw on the ancient wisdom of nature to help you find the answers that you're looking for. 

Long ago, people had a close connection with nature, much closer than we do today. Our ancestors looked to the sky, the birds, the trees, and other elements of nature, to find answers and guidance. Well, nature hasn't gone anywhere. It's still here, and we can still tap into the incredible power of the natural world to help us navigate through the challenges of our modern lives.

Here is a simple tea ritual that can help you get the clarity you need to take the next steps toward living a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. All that is required of you is a little of your time, and a willingness to try something different.


silhouette of plants against the night sky

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All you need are three simple things:

I personally like to use herbal teas without caffeine for rituals like this. You can get great results with an intuition-promoting herbal tea, such as Daily CalmLush Lavender or Ultra Violet

If you need your caffeine, teas that contain spices are great for awakening (or reawakening) your inner passions. Cardamom, ginger and cinnamon are associated with the element of fire. When we lack direction, we need to reignite that little spark inside of us. Lucky Morning Spice, and Go Chai are two energizing teas that will fan your inner fire and get you feeling motivated again.  

If you enjoy mixing up your own tea blends, choose relaxing herbs such as lemon balm, spearmint, or chamomileGreen tea promotes mental clarity, super helpful when feeling confused. Rosemary, peppermint, and lemongrass are energizing without caffeine. Brew hawthorn and rose together for all matters of the heart.



This tea ritual is meant to be done when there is a full moon. You can find full moon dates by doing a quick Google search, or get yourself a copy of the Old Farmer's Almanac for the full moon dates (and all sorts of other interesting information.) 

After the sun goes down and the full moon is on the horizon, place 2 to 3 teaspoons of tea leaves in the pint glass jar. Fill the jar with cool purified water, and cover the jar with the lid. 




Walk outside with your tea jar, and spend a few minutes looking up at the beauty of the moon in the night sky. Make a conscious connection between yourself, the full moon, and the essence of the tea leaves and herbs that you will later drink as a tea. Traditional plant lore says that every herb knows what it was put on earth to do, but it’s up to us to ask. Now is the time to ask the spiritual forces of the world to help you on your life’s journey. You can do this silently, or speak out loud. If you're worried that your neighbors might think you've gone nuts, just think it. There is no wrong way to do it, you're not going to screw it up, so just be yourself. 

When you finish, place the jar with the tea on the earth where it will be undisturbed by passersby or pets. You will leave the tea to brew overnight in the moonlight, where it will absorb the mystery and energy of the night sky. (City dwellers, you can use your patio or the rooftop, or your windowsill.)

Before you go to bed, spend some time writing in your journal. Let your thoughts flow. If you have a specific question, write that down. If you’re not sure what to ask, write that you’re seeking guidance. If you think the whole journaling thing is silly, write that down. Rant, if that suits you. You might be surprised at the gold that flows out of you, once you unstopper your thoughts and let 'em rip. 

As you lay down to sleep, know that guidance will come to you in the morning, or very soon.



The next morning, plan to be undisturbed for at least an hour so that you can take some time to drink your tea, review any dreams that happened during the night, and write in your journal.

As soon as you wake in the morning, go outside and get your tea. Strain the tea leaves, and pour the tea into your favorite glass or mug. If you prefer to drink your tea hot, pour the tea into a sauce pan and warm it up over the stove. Grab your journal, and write down your dreams. Even if the dream seems unrelated to your quest, there will be a nugget of insight that will help guide you. If you don’t recall dreaming, just write down your thoughts. Don’t censor what you’re writing, just let it flow. If you have no idea what to write, then doodle. Write the random words that pop up in your thoughts. If you're not used to writing in a journal, it may take a little while to get going. Be patient with yourself. Life can get mighty uncomfortable right before you learn and grow. 


tea mug and book


Sip your tea while you journal. The tea is infused with the magic of the herbs, the moonlight, and the strength of your intention. As you drink the tea, all of this becomes part of you.

Your guidance might come to you as a series of coincidences or serendipitous events. For the next thirty days, pay close attention to spontaneous messages that you receive. Dreams are one way of receiving guidance, but you might also get an insight or "aha!" from a song on the radio, a vanity license plate in the car ahead of you, or something that catches your eye on the sidewalk or in a shop window. When you are sincere about listening to and honoring the wishes of your soul, your life will be filled with little miracles, and the world will speak to you. Like dreams, signs and omens from nature are more symbolic than literal.

Keep going.

This stuff works. 




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Love the great guidance advice! Xo

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