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According To Astrology, Here Is The Best New Year Resolution For You


It’s a brand new year, the time we all collectively make plans to revamp, renew, and redo our lives for the better. Astrologically speaking, there is a reason for this: the sun is in the sign of Capricorn from the end of December through around the 20th of January. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, the celestial “police officer” who maintains law and order in our lives. Some of the astrological signs promote growth (Sagittarius), change (Gemini), and exploration (Aquarius), but not Saturn; this planet sets limits, restrictions, timers, and rules. Under Capricorn, we buckle down and do what we need to do. During much of the year, this feels like drudgery, but when January first rolls around, we can hardly wait to roll up our sleeves and get to work improving ourselves. So ride the “New Year, New You” wave while it’s high, because come January 20th, we move into Aquarian territory, and the energy changes completely. Carpe diem.

Each astrological sign will have a unique set of “lessons and blessin’s” this year, so here is a unique 2019 resolution challenge for every zodiac sign, in order to make this year unforgettably awesome. 



For you, dear Ram, you do not get a special 2019 resolution. Why? Because you will eventually rebel against it and then feel like crap and lose faith in yourself. No, for you, you get a GOAL instead of a resolution, and it’s this. Take one single day out of each month, and think/journal about the hard things in your life that create drama and unnecessary stress. It could be your finances, family obligations, your job, your ex, etc. Take an honest assessment of the things in your life that consistently harsh your mellow, and imagine, “what if this were easy?” You might be surprised at the insights that arise to light your way going forward in 2019.

To aid your journey this year are peppermint essential oil, Jasmine tea, and clear quartz crystal for clarity and extra luck.



This year, I encourage you to adopt “enjoy the moment” as your resolution. The concept sounds so abstract and uncomfortably new-agey, and I don’t mean it to be at all. Enjoying the moment refers to taking off your bias-colored-glasses and looking at the world around you with fresh eyes. You know how babies are fascinated with totally mundane objects? Be like that. Your innate Taurean nature loves nature, art, music, and all the things that make life pleasurable. Our human lives are short, and this planet is absolutely grand. I urge you to enjoy yourself as much as possible, along with your promise to “exercise more” and “eat fewer doughnuts”.

Your special tea pick is something grounding like Love My Hair or Puehr. Your beneficial 2019 crystal is carnelian for passion.



Rather than a resolution, I give you a word this year: Strong. Remind yourself of this powerful word and all that it means as often as necessary. Any time you feel fragile, vulnerable, or incapable, lean on your mantra: I am Strong. If your immune system is running ragged and you’re stressed out, take a deep breath and say it: I am Strong. Try this exercise sometime this winter: go outside when the temperature is frigid, and open up your coat. Expand your chest wide and welcome this terrifying powerful force and remember: you are Strong. Then go back inside and have hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Your tea this year is Dark Chocolate, because who doesn't need more happy endorphins. Sinus Relief tea should be in your cupboard this spring. Your crystal for the year is garnet, as a powerful touchstone.




Being one of the most sensitive zodiac signs is really cool. You pick up on things that other people miss, and you’re sometimes terrifyingly psychic. Which is all good, but the downside of being so sensitive is that you risk becoming like the Princess and the Pea. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, said princess couldn’t sleep because apparently there was a pea under her mattress and it was keeping her awake. Even after piling on one mattress after another, that damn pea was still digging into her hip. So I have a resolution for you, and you may not like it, but trust me, you’ll thank me for it later. It’s Grow A Thicker Skin. Life is too short to get derailed by dried peas.

For you, the fragrance of lavender oil is perfect, as is Blue Velvet tea. Turquoise colored amazonite crystal is gentle and protective.



Your resolution, you marvelous Lion, is to apply a sense of curiosity and creativity to everything you do. Tinker around with your daily routine, and don’t do things the same old way all the time. The objective is to find comfort outside of your comfort zone. Sticking to patterns tends to freeze parts of the soul, and we stop growing. Don’t let this be you this year. Do you always read nonfiction? Pick up a historic novel or a romance, for a change. Use the fancy plates for scrambled eggs. Take the scenic route to work. Keep it fresh, switch it up, and new doors and opportunities could open up to you that you weren’t expecting.

Lucky Morning Spice is all about inviting good luck and fortune, so drink this and carry a piece of labradorite or moonstone as a reminder of the changing seasons and skies.



You should be having a ball this time of year, with the making of lists, the setting of goals, and cleaning of closets. Your special 2019 resolution is to color outside the lines, very literally. Get one of those adult coloring books with the bold line drawings, and draw over them with vivid colors. Ignore the lines. To your orderly mind, this is going to be like nails on a blackboard. But there is a lesson here: you can color neatly within the boundaries that someone else has laid out for you, or you can draw your own doggone picture, because you bought the coloring book, those are your pencils, and no one is the boss of you.

How about a hot mug of sweet Cherry Bomb tea? Carrying a piece of amethyst will soothe the nerves.



People who are new to astrology assume that because your symbol is The Scales, it must mean you are balanced. But you know better, don’t you, Libra. You know the internal struggle of decision-making, and how weighing out all the possibilities pins you in place until either you or the world picks a direction and you are able to start moving again. Your resolution is to listen to your gut, and remember that your feelings are actually reliable guides. If you follow this advice this year, you will develop a heightened sense of confidence and trust in yourself that you never had before.

Dreaming True is a tea that helps strengthen intuition, so keep this in your pantry. Clary sage is a good fragrance to relieve stress. Your crystal for 2019 is ametrine, which is a balance of yin and yang energies. 



If you’ve been feeling more introverted and unsocial of late, it could be your inner self, asking for some important self-care and soul reflection. Your secret resolution is to keep your own house this year. Things that bother you about other people are the things begging for attention within yourself. For you, Scorpio, looking at the people around you is looking into a mirror. What do you see? What do you feel? The observant soul sees the true nature of others, but the wise soul understands that it is also their own nature.

Your selections this year are Daily Detox tea, and bloodstone crystal, to remind you of your innate magic and strength.




Dear Archer, I would come up with a customized self-improvement resolution just for you, but it looks like you already entered the coordinates of your destiny in your starship, and you’re heading there straight away. However, you might be lacking the downtime to fully balance the Life Lesson coursework you signed up for. So whenever possible, spend a little time being lazy, and accomplishing nothing except for cleaning the lint from your bellybutton. Allow time for your dreams, however strange and otherworldly, to play around inside your conscious mind. Creative inspiration is the opposite of burnout, so leave the door open a crack for fairies, butterflies, and muses to visit.

To chill out, Daily Calm tea soothes the soul. The fragrance of sweet orange provides a little hit of instant happiness. Your 2019 crystal is smoky quartz, for energy and introspection.



Marvelous Capricorn, your unique task is to go through your old photo albums and remind yourself of people, places, and memories from your life that you may have forgotten about. The reason behind this is for you to gather some of your better memories back to yourself, to round out the person you have become with the person you were. Remembering your roots will help you have a more satisfying 2019 going forward. The quality of your life will acquire a multidimensional quality that you hadn’t known existed before.

An Elephant Never Forgets tea strengthens memory, and dream quartz crystal will help open your mind. 



New ventures are afoot for you, Aquarius, and the details are going to matter, so listen up. Your resolution is to heed any red flags that pop up. Do NOT ignore these internal warnings, especially when money is involved. Your job is to tone down the distractions that you rely on so that when those inevitable alarm bells go off, you will not miss them. Be protective of your own self-interest in all ways, and you will gain a deeper self-respect, which will fuel your fire to accomplish the things you really want to do this year and beyond.

For mental sharpness, green tea of all kinds helps. Lemongrass oil has a bracing yet pleasing aroma for you, and tiger eye crystal reminds you to protect yourself.



Your resolution is simple, in theory, Pisces: stay in the flow, even when it’s stormy. As the sign of the Fish, you probably wonder why the heck is this your resolution. As a water sign, flowing is in your nature, right? Well, it’s time to rethink that. For example: some fish hide out inside dark underwater caves, or bury themselves up to their eyeballs in sand. This effectively removes the fish from said flow. So, take a time out to catch up on your rest, but don’t stay in hiding mode when the waters are choppy. Storms (conflicts) can be stressful, but if we hide from potential conflict, we don’t grow.

Eucalyptus oil can energize your resolve, as will a cup of bold Bulletproof Breakfast tea. Rose quartz is your crystal this year, to keep an open heart.



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