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8 Herbal Tips to Beat That Post-New Year Funk


December is an exciting time! You make people happy with homemade gifts. You defeat your friends and relatives in merciless games of Quelf and Cards Against Humanity. You eat endless amounts of scrumptious desserts at parties, because after all, it’s the holidays! There’s caroling, food, and so much cheer. Everyone seems happier—even your normally grumpy second-line manager dons a smile underneath his unconvincing toupee. And at last, you get a welcome break from him.


You’re dreaming about how amazing the new year is going to be, how much money you’re going to make, how fit you’re going to get (finally!), and how you’ll make people’s heads turn. You know that THIS is going to be the year that everything changes! Starting January 1st, you’ll be a totally different person (thoroughly disciplined, of course!) and you’ll stick to those New Year’s Resolutions—for the rest of your life.


Then January 2nd happens. To your dismay, you realize that you’re exactly the same person you were last year, except that you’re back at work now and twenty pounds heavier. You desperately want to break your diet, but you’re scared of waiting another 354 days to get another chance to start over. Ugh! This is the worst—ever!


Thankfully, here at Loose Leaf Tea Market, we have your back. Here are 8 herbal tips to keep your spirits up, and—dare we say it—make your 2019 dreams come true. Let’s get started!



1. Use Lavender Essential Oil in your diffuser.


Known for its incredible ability to dissolve stress and aid sleep, lavender essential oil is an essential must-have to beat post-new year funk. Try adding it to your diffuser, a massage oil, or your favorite body wash.


2. Adaptogens, like Ginseng Green Dragon, help!


Adaptogens help the body return to equilibrium. Feeling stressed? They help you calm down. Feeling depressed? They lift your mood. Feeling tired? They give you energy. Unable to sleep? They help regulate that, too. Thankfully, there are a number of amazing adaptogenic herbs to choose from, like ginseng and jiao gu lan (both of which are in Ginseng Green Dragon), rhodiola, maca, and ashwagandha.


3. Hit your weight-loss goals with Sleek & Slender.


If you had lofty weight-loss goals for 2019 that you’re starting to feel intimidated by, don’t worry! There are many herbs that can help you. White tea can help you lose weight, as can garcinia, ginger, and gymnema (which helps to bust sugar cravings). Our delicious- and super effective!- blend, Sleek & Slender, has all of these herbs and more to help you safely and effectively lose weight.


4. Incorporate bitter herbs into your cooking.


Did you know that seasonings like oregano and thyme are not just good for flavoring, but help with digestion as well? When your digestion is healthy, everything improves—especially your mood! So try cooking with herbs! And for an extra boost, try our Stomach Soothing Tea to help with digestion!



5. The Ancients knew best—burn some palo santo!


If you want to improve the energy of your space and get rid of negative vibes, palo santo does wonders. This ancient practice has stood the test of time. And as an added bonus, it helps to keep parasites at bay, so you will be less likely to get sick this winter!


6. Stay focused and motivated at work with An Elephant Never Forgets.


Perhaps the most common cause of post-new year slump is returning to jobs that people don’t enjoy. If you’re stressed at work, have trouble focusing, or feel depressed because of your job, then you’ve got to try An Elephant Never Forgets. It’s full of brain-boosting herbs that’ll supercharge your memory and focus and will help you feel happier, too.  


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7. Break the cycle of stress!


Do you find yourself in a permanent state of anxiety or worry? Does your stress cause you to become forgetful, which makes you more stressed out? If so, herbs like kava and lemon balm are extremely helpful. Try our Anxiety Relief tea to harness the synergistic power of calming herbs so you can finally feel calm!


8. Drink mood-supporting herbs.


We have an entire collection of teas devoted to improving your sleep and mood—check them out! Our all-time best-seller, Happy Place, is specifically designed to boost your happiness levels safely and sustainably—all while improving your digestion and overall health! These teas will help you to clear away your post-new year woes and stay positive!


As always, feel free to share other tips you have in the comments below! We hope you have a wonderful 2019!




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