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Genmaicha Matcha organic loose green tea
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Genmaicha Matcha - certified organic

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Genmaicha Matcha is a roasty-toasty tea with a flavor that's a cross between green tea and Rice Krispies, but in a good way. People describe the flavor as "comforting". There are many matcha green tea benefits. It's great in the morning, boosting your energy with an extra dose of caffeine and loads more antioxidants than a normal cup of green tea. 

100% certified organic ingredients: Bancha green tea, toasted rice, Matcha powder

Brewing instructions: briefly steep 1 teaspoon Genmaicha Matcha in hot water (170 degrees) for 1 - 2 minutes. This tea will get bitter if steeped too long, so adjust amounts and steeping times to personal preference. Taste while it steeps, so that you hit that sweet spot when the maximum flavor is extracted but before the bitter compounds are released. The main reason people dislike green tea is that they brew it for too long, so don't do that, ok? 

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