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Darjeeling organic loose black tea
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Darjeeling - certified organic

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Darjeeling tea is named after the Darjeeling region of India where it is grown at high elevations. When properly brewed, the flavor of Darjeeling is compared to muscatel wine, with musky sweetness, floral notes, and a lively tannic mouthfeel. Sounds fun, right? Try it for yourself. Brew some Darjeeling at your next social gathering and impress your friends with your discerning palate and professional flavor lingo.

Brewing instructions: steep 1 teaspoon Darjeeling in 8 ounces hot water for 1 - 3 minutes. Avoid over brewing. For iced tea, simply pour over ice. Because Darjeeling is referred to as the champagne of black teas, add a few freshly sliced strawberries to the iced tea for an elegant and lovely experience.

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