Our Wellness Subscription Box

In response to the demand of our loyal customers, Loose Leaf Tea Market is pleased to offer our first-ever Wellness Monthly Subscription Box.

This remarkable offer for our customers provides some of our best-loved, hand-blended botanicals all uniquely and expertly created with nourishing compounds as well as so many of our best selling wellness products to give you the very best in natural wellness options delivered to your door - every month!

Our in-house botanical herbalist searched the US for the highest grade blends and has incorporated these magical teas and blends into our bestsellers for the most incredible experience for our monthly members.

Experience the calm, focus and total zen a curated wellness box by Loose Leaf Tea Market can offer. Each unique box delivered to your door each month is filled with handcrafted, herbalist blended teas, tinctures, wellness lifestyle essentials + more. Special discounts, full-size ordering throughout the month and exclusive offers for all subscribing members.

This month's box includes:

• I Heart Pomegranates tea for heart, brain, and memory health
• Cherry Bomb Tea for good mood and good vibes
• Ti Quan Yin, to boost metabolism
• Organic rose petals, to encourage love and inner peace
• Organic Hawthorn berries, to strengthen the heart and calm the spirit
• Precious sweet rose oil, for kindness, meditation, and heart-centered living

February Box