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Nick's Coffee Quitter

Rich, smooth puehr blend

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Nick's Coffee Quitter will help you quit your coffee habit, if you've been looking for a way out of the same old grind (pun intended). The flavor is similar to a light roast, but ultra-smooth, rich, and dark, and with enough caffeine to avoid a headache that often accompanies cold turkey caffeine withdrawal. It's energizing without causing the jitters, and promotes a feeling of mental focus and alertness. However, Nick's Coffee Quitter can be enjoyed for its own sake. Not only is it a hearty and satisfying brew, it's loaded with health-promoting goodness. Puehr is made from fermented tea leaves, and is soothing to the stomach, and is believed to help control cholesterol levels. Dandelion root is a natural liver tonic, and Chaga is popular in Siberia and Russia for all sorts of health reasons, including serious disorders. You've heard of Ginkgo being good for the brain, right? Who doesn't want to help their brain be healthy, especially if you're over 50. With or without a coffee habit, this tea is a must for the morning.

100% certified organic ingredients: Puehr, Roasted Dandelion Root, Chaga, Ginkgo biloba

Brewing Instructions: Steep 1 Tablespoon of Nick's Coffee Quitter in one cup of just below boiling water for 1 to 10 minutes. You can re-steep this tea multiple times and enjoy it all day. Adjust amounts and steeping time to preference. Heavy black coffee drinkers will likely benefit from using more than 1 Tablespoon per cup. (pu ehr, pu er, pu erh)

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