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Jasmine Pearl - certified organic

Artisan whole leaf jasmine tea

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Jasmine Pearl is an artisanal hand-rolled green tea. The intoxicating jasmine aroma comes from a laborious process of scattering fresh unopened jasmine buds over the rolled up tea leaves. As the flowers open, the fragrance is absorbed by the tea leaves. Remarkable osmosis in action. When you steep the tea, inhale the aromas as they develop; Jasmine naturally uplifts the mood and instills inner peace. 

Brewing instructions: steep a few pearls (4 - 8) in 8 oz. hot water (170 degrees) for 1 - 3 minutes. Adjust amounts and steep times to personal preference. Some people like a stronger jasmine flavor; if this is you, add more pearls, but don't increase the steeping time too much longer to avoid bitterness. 

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