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How To Follow The Moon Phases To Actually Feel Happier

February 03, 2019 1 Comment

How To Follow The Moon Phases To Actually Feel Happier


A few years ago, I was feeling disconnected from nature, and I wanted to get in touch with the world outside my own little bubble. For over a year, I created little private ceremonies during the full moon every month. I went outside to watch the sky and meditate, journal, or do an activity to help me get focused with something happening in my life. Following the lunar cycles helped me to get clear about my life and goals. And spending time outdoors under the moon had a soothing and awakening effect on my soul. I felt inspired, purposeful, and more connected to the mysterious forces of the world around me.

It worked. I actually felt happier.

Here is how it can work for you too.

To get started, you will need a calendar or almanac that shows the moon phases. (Or just Google it.)

The four lunar phases that I am covering in this article are the

  • New moon
  • Waxing moon
  • Full moon
  • Waning moon



The lunar cycle begins on the day of the new moon, also called the dark moon. when the earth and sun are on opposite sides of the moon, and the moon’s face is completely shadowed. This is usually the darkest night of the month. Because of this, people associate the energy of this moon with introspection, rest, healing, and dreams. You can tap into the new moon vibes to:

  • Help you start a new project
  • Plant the seeds of something you want to grow (dreams, goals, or actual plants in your garden)
  • Set goals, start a vision board, make to-do lists
  • Explore something mysterious, like a puzzling dream or message
  • Reflect on the previous month, to chart your progress and growth

Maximize the energy of the new moon by drinking a cup of Dark Chocolate tea. Unsweetened dark chocolate is magical, and can help you get into that inward space.

The best essential oils for meditating during the new moon are patchouli and vetiver.



The next phase is the waxing moon. This is a two week period that begins the day after the new moon, until the day of the full moon. This is the time when the moon grows from a tiny thumbnail to nearly a complete circle. The energy of the waxing moon is growth, expansion, and increase. Use the waxing moon vibes to:

  • Build energy with power smoothies
  • Create momentum with a project you’re working on
  • Start a savings account
  • Do strength training and weight lifting
  • Purchase items for your wardrobe

Certain tonic herbs can help you achieve your goals by strengthening your entire body. Herbs like maca, astragalus, or ashwagandha added to your protein smoothie can build your energy and overall vitality. These herbs are also beneficial for your mood.


The third phase is the full moon. There are three days that you can utilize the energy of the full moon: the day before, the day of, and the day after. The full moon energy illuminates, ignites, and intensifies everything. It is the brightest night of the month. Although the vibes are intense, you can use them to:

  • Create fun and engaging social events with friends and family
  • Develop your intuition by meditating in the moonlight
  • Get some extreme pampering and self care; think spa day, or bubble baths
  • Charge up your crystals
  • Spend some time journaling
  • Read tarot cards, or do other types of divination

To enhance your intuition, drink a cup of Dreaming True, which is also calming to the nerves. You can make a moon tea by placing 2 teaspoons of Dreaming true into a glass jar, and add 2 cups of cool water. Cover the jar with plastic wrap and place the tea directly on the earth under the full moon. The tea will soak up the rays of the moon as it brews. First thing in the morning, strain out the tea leaves, and sip on your tea throughout the day to fill your body and soul with the full moon vibes.

Click here to read about a full moon tea ritual



The last lunar phase is called the waning moon. This period lasts approximately two weeks, stretching from the day after the full moon to the day before the new moon. As the face of the moon shrinks from a bright circle to a silver sliver, the energy of waning moon period is of releasing, diminishing, and letting go. Waning moon periods tend to be the most laid back, emotionally, after the buildup and crescendo of energy that happens when the moon is full. The best way to make the most of waning moon vibes is:

  • Purge your closet, a la Marie Kondo 
  • Go on a juice cleanse or detox
  • Start a new diet regimen
  • Kick a bad habit, like too much sugar or screen time
  • Rest, recover, recuperate

Daily Detox tea is the perfect tea to drink during the waning moon. If you’re trying to kick the sugar habit or lose a few pounds, Sleek & Slender tea will kick your efforts into high gear. Burn some sage to do a spiritual cleansing on your home to shoo out any bad vibes and welcome in positive energy.


Even if you only do one ritual each month, you will find that your persistent efforts will pay off with a greater sense of rhythm and harmony, which is a satisfying and quiet form of deep happiness.


What do you like to do during the full moon? Type in your comments below!



1 Response


February 04, 2019

I usually do a simple meditation during the full moon. Thank you for this article because now I have a better understanding of the lunar phases and I am going to start rituals to celebrate each phase. I am also going to make the Dream Tea!

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