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The Ultimate Holiday Tea Gift Guide: Premium Gift Ideas For Family And Friends

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Want to get that special person in your life something extra special? We've got an awesome tea gift for everyone: from the busy college students to new moms, tea aficionados and tea newbies. Hopefully you can check these important people off your list, and sleep well knowing that you got them something nice!

the ultimate tea guide

Gifts For The Busy College Student

gifts for college students

Anxiety Relief: With tons of exams and deadlines, college can be really stressful. Support your college student with a tea crafted to help them chill out.

Get Anxiety Relief for your stressed college student


Elderberry Tonic: Tight classrooms, study groups and dorms are a breeding ground for yucky illnesses. Blended with elderberries and immune-boosting herbs, this tea supports the health of your college student during the cold and flu season.

Grab them some Elderberry Tonic to help them avoid getting sick


Hot Cocoa: Who doesn't love hot cocoa on a winter day?! Well this one is healthier and will add some antioxidants to their life, while still tasting like a childhood classic!

Add some Hot Cocoa to their stocking for warm, cozy vibes


Bhavana Tumbler: This tumbler will allow them to keep their drink hot or cold for up to 12 hours, long enough for a finals study session!

They'll use the Bhavana Tumbler every day to bring tea with them to class


Electric Kettle: This electric kettle makes it easy to make hot water without a stove top. Whether they're in a dorm or an apartment, they'll be able to brew their new tea, easily.


Gifts For The New Mom

gifts for new moms

Lush LavenderThis incredible blend is extremely high in healing antioxidants, and is used to promote feelings of relaxation, relief of inflammation, better sleep, and sharper focus. The new mom in your life is tired, and this tea will help support them in their motherhood journey.


Daily Detox: This tea is crafted to help promote natural detoxification and support hormones. Having a baby is a huge physical feat; one of the hardest things a body can do. Your new mom is going to need support to her liver, kidney and hormones during this time of rapid change.

Check out Daily Detox for hormone balance


Happy Place: Happy Place does just what the title says!  Post-partum can be intense, but this blend supports your new mom by promoting happy feelings and a better mood.

Happy Place, happy mom!


Cute Tea Infuser Mug: Brew the loose leaf tea right in the mug with this tea infuser mug. No time for complicated tea brewing with a new baby around!



Gifts For The Person Into Fitness

gifts for fitness lovers

Inflammation Relief: Exercising, although great for you, creates natural inflammation. This tea works to reduce inflammation when drank post-workout. It will help your loved one recover faster from their workouts!

Give someone the gift of recovery with Inflammation Relief


Bulletproof Breakfast: Made with Oolong tea, the best fat burning tea, this blend is great pre-workout. Although it tastes decadent, with notes of chocolate and coconut, this tea will help your friend with their fitness goals, if their goal is weight loss.


Ginseng Green Dragon: Ginseng Green Dragon belongs in the Tea Hall of Fame, if such a place exists. Made with antioxidant-rich, high-quality green tea and a South Asian herb, "Jiao Gu Lan" (nicknamed "the immortality herb"), this tea is crafted to support metabolism, energy and organ health. This tea blend is one of the healthiest that anyone can drink, but is especially perfect for someone active. It'll make them feel like a ninja warrior!


Bamboo Tumbler: So your friend can take their tea to-go and bring it with them while they're getting their fitness on.

They'll need a Bamboo Tumbler to bring their tea with them to the gym.



Gifts For The Person Who Always Gets Sick

gifts for people who always get sick

Elderberry Tonic: Crafted with elderberries and immune-boosting herbs, this tea supports the health of your loved one during the cold and flu season.

Help them support their immunity with Elderberry Tonic


Sinus ReliefSinus Relief is an organic and caffeine-free blend of minty-fresh herbs to support the sinuses during cold and allergy season. Peppermint and Eucalyptus provide that Arctic blast to breathe easier, Thyme and Oregano help to kill lurking "bad guy" bacteria, and Cinnamon and Ginger warm you up from the inside. It's a cozy, comfy tea to feel all better.


Sweater Weather: A spicy tea that will help open up their sinuses. This tea is blended with immune-boosting ingredients that will support them before and after getting sick.


Honey Samplers: Honey is great for the immune system because of its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. A teaspoon of honey in their tea a day in their tea will support them in staying well!


Gifts For The Matcha Lover

gifts for matcha lovers

Tealyra Matcha Set: Allows them to prepare their matcha the traditional way: with a bamboo whisk and ceramic Japanese bowl. Your matcha lover will know what to do :)


Matcha: Certified organic and fair-trade ceremonial-grade matcha (a.k.a. it's the good stuff). Your matcha lover will be excited!


Trubee Honey Sticks: Single-serving sticks that make matcha-honey lattes easy!


Temperature Control Hot Water Kettle: This will make it easy for them to make their tea without having to heat up water on the stove. Plus, you can control the temperature which is so important when preparing Matcha!


Gifts For The Person Who Is Hard To Shop For

gifts for people hard to shop for

Tea Talk Box Subscription: Get them the best tea subscription box on the market! With daily updates on Instagram, we give them multiple recipes, tips and demos for each tea.

Get The Tea Talk Box Subscription (or even a one time box!)

Tea Lover's Tasting Box: The perfect gift for family, friends, clients, employees, and co-workers. This is a unique gift that lets people know that you really care about them!


Gifts For The Die Hard Tea Lover

gifts for tea lovers

A Gift Card: If they're a true tea lover, they probably know exactly what they want. An experienced tea drinker 

(Make It Easy For Both Of You By Giving A Gift Card)

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