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Slay Those Sugar Cravings



For anyone looking to eat healthier, the most common challenge is getting rid of those darn sugar cravings. Let’s be honest: stevia tastes nothing like sugar, and a good pastry (or ten) can make all your problems disappear (for a short while, at least, until you feel sick to your stomach). But there’s no reason to fear—many people have beat sugar cravings, and you can too. In this article, we’ll talk about some time-tested ways to beat the sweet and gain control of your health.  


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Get Rid Of Parasites

Okay, so, this is kind of gross. Your microbiome, which houses 10 trillion microbes, can sometimes house parasitic organisms that feed off of the high doses of sugars in sweets—particularly yeasts and candida. What happens when you stop feeding yourself sugary snacks? These bad bugs send chemical signals to your nervous system telling you to eat sugar (so that they can feast). The solution is to get rid of parasites—and here are a few good ways.

If you have a masticating juicer, juice loads of parsley along with lemon. Parasites cannot handle the alkaline minerals, chlorophyll, or anti-microbial essential oils that are abundant in parsley. This combination also helps to flush the kidneys and purify the blood. As an added bonus, it purifies your breath, so you won’t need to constantly worry about whether you need a mint. So next time you feel a sugar craving coming on, whip out your juicer and make yourself a nice glass of this stuff—this counterintuitive trick works.


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Second, we have some herbal solutions for you (we wouldn’t be Loose Leaf Tea Market without them, after all)! Try our Aromatic Digestive blend, which is a super-effective (and delightfully fragrant!) blend that helps relieve the belly bloat that accompanies candida overgrowth in the gut. 

Other herbal teas that can help battle candida:

  • Pau d'arco tea, sometimes called Lapacho or Taheebo, comes from the bark of a tree native to the Amazon Rainforest. Pau d'arco has been used for many years to combat fungus and candida overgrowth
  • Burdock root has been shown in studies to inhibit candida and fungus. Drinking a concentrated tea is consumed over an extended period may encourage the growth of healthy gut flora, which keeps candida in check
  • More fungus-fighting herbal teas include: sage, calendula, and black walnut hulls


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    Try The Almighty Gymnema

    In case you haven’t heard us rave about this magical herb, take a seat—this is one you’ll need to have on hand. Gymnema is a tropical herb traditionally used in Indian medicine that translates to “destroyer of sugar”. It really is that powerful. Gymnema blocks the sugar receptors in your tongue, making you incapable of tasting sweetness. Within a few days’ time, it will make you actually lose the taste for sweet things. The result? When you actually do eat a sweet, it will taste sickly sweet, and you’ll want nothing to do with it.

    Gymnema does more, however, than just block your sugar-tasting abilities. It has been shown to aid in blood sugar regulation (and diabetes), digestion, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, water retention, and hard stools.

    Want to get your hands on some? Our amazing Sleek & Slender tea is a delicious and fragrant way to get a hearty dose of this herb, along with other herbs that synergistically work to balance blood sugar, beat sugar cravings, support digestion, and support healthy weight management. 

    You can read more about how Sleek & Slender works by clicking here


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    Eat Fresh Fruit

    Let’s go back a few thousand years, to a time before the invention of Haagen-Dazs and Krispy Kreme. When you wanted something sweet, you ate fruit. Mother Nature was smart and kind and packed fruits with loads of fiber to slow the release of sugar into your blood (many people have actually healed hyperglycemia by eating high-fruit diets), polyphenols to buffer the acids from the sugars, antioxidants to protect you from aging, vitamins to keep you healthy, enzymes to keep your digestion strong and your gut healthy, and loads of water to make everything within you work like a charm. Fruits are some of the most nutrient-rich foods you can eat. They keep you clean, energized, and healthy. They are good for you. To be clear, eating a strawberry in no way resembles eating a donut hole. You can eat fruits without guilt—and you will feel satiated when you have had enough.


    Drink Water

    A lot of times, sugar cravings are really just thirst signals. In nature, fruits were a source of both water and energy from sugars, so craving sweets are sometimes a signal to eat the foods that would supply the former. The next time you have a sugar craving, try drinking some water (infuse it with fruit, if you like!), and you might be amazed at how easily your sugar cravings go away.


    Deal With The Emotions Behind Your Cravings 

    The tricky thing about sugar is that it always makes you think it loves you. Hard day at work? You can count on sugar! Bad breakup? Sugar to the rescue! Lonely? Sugar can be your friend! Bored? Sugar the entertainer! It really never ends.


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    If you crave sugar during emotionally difficult situations, chances are, you are craving nurture of some kind. Ask yourself what you would have if you could have anything in the whole world. When you are really honest with yourself about what’s missing or off in your life, you’ll often find that the sugar craving goes away because sugar is no longer necessary.


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    Our Fruity Herbal Teas Will Rock Your Socks

    If you tend to drink sodas or other sugary beverages, try some of our fruity classics, like Happy Place and Cranberry Apple Tart. These fruity teas will give you just enough sweetness to hit your pleasure centers, but will also give you a good dose of health-boosting antioxidants and phytonutrients. Win-win, all around!


    What are your favorite ways to beat sugar cravings? Comment below! We love hearing from you!



    Super helpful- I am so grateful for your knowledge- can’t wait to get started- sugars been the boon ( and joy ) of my life for 45 years

    Donna Jackson
    Donna Jackson

    Thank you for all this important healthy information… much appreciated.

    Humbert Jones
    Humbert Jones

    Thank you for your help!

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