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October Vibes, According to Astrology

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The month of October is full of magic and change. Ancient Celtic lore says that during this time, the veils between the everyday world and the spirit world are thin. Many people experience vivid dreams of loved ones who are no longer with them in the late autumn. Other people report seeing flickers and shadows out of the corner of their eye. Magic is afoot this month, along with intense energies that can affect relationships and emotions.


October begins with the sun in the sign of Libra, and wraps up in Scorpio. The overall Libra vibe is about making meaningful connections, socializing, and celebrating all forms of beauty. No matter what sign you are, October is an ideal month for redecorating, makeovers, art classes, and social gatherings. For Libras, this is especially true, but all signs can make use of this energy to beautify your life and surroundings. 

But when the sun enters Scorpio, the energy changes. Scorpio is associated with death, regeneration, sex, and healing. Scorpio takes no prisoners. Scorpio dives deep into the darkness and emerges with new-found light. It's no surprise that Halloween falls smack dab in the middle of Scorpio. This energy is dark but not evil; it may stir up uncomfortable thoughts about your own mortality, or make you question your beliefs about life after death, but that's not a bad thing. Weird, maybe; bad, no.



On October first, the moon enters the sign of Cancer. Because the moon is in its waning phase (between the full and new moon), it’s a good time to do a cleanse. Cancer rules the emotions, so if you have any emotional funk to clear up, tackle it before Venus, which rules love and relationships, goes retrograde a few days later on the 5th. Venus retrograde periods are helpful for assessing and reassessing relationships, values, and self-esteem. However, Venus will be in the intense sign of Scorpio, which can increase emotional and sexual tension, or dredge up schmutz from the past. Other possible scenarios: bumping into your ex out of the blue, arguing with your significant other, and reliving old family dramas. Use this time to your advantage and journal your thoughts and feelings in order to work through them. Discomfort can lead to breakthroughs, but you have to work it to win it. 


Fortunately, the same day Venus goes retrograde, the moon moves into the stable sign of Virgo. This grounding placement can provide an emotional anchor, and help you keep a cool head. 


On the 8th, the new moon is in Libra, a perfect day to begin home (or self) improvement projects. It’s also a good shopping day if you’re building a wardrobe or buying items for your garden. 


The sign of Scorpio begins on the 23rd, but we will start getting a taste of this vibe when Mercury (which rules thoughts, ideas, and communication) enters Scorpio, followed by the moon (the planet of emotions) on the 10th. With Venus in retrograde, also in Scorpio, your words might pack more of a sting; even the most benign comments could be perceived as hurtful. Now, more than ever, before you speak, pause and ask yourself “is it helpful? Is it kind?” Do your best, but also strive to let real or perceived insults roll off your back. You’re a grown up, so be nice, and don’t get too butt-hurt if other people aren’t.


The day after the sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd is a full moon in Taurus. Both Scorpio and Taurus are highly sensual signs, opening up possibilities for your world to get rocked. It could be fun, it may open your eyes, someone might end up crying, but the energy of this full moon brings the potential to be significant and memorable. If you're able to sleep (many people can't sleep during the full moon), you might have some crazy dreams. 



Even though Halloween is technically on the 31st, the preceding weekend is going to bring more October-liciousness, with a bright period between Friday the 26th through the evening of the 28th that will crack the intensity and provide a feeling of lightness and relief. The moon will be dancing through lighthearted Gemini, allowing everyone to take a break from the emotional heaviness that’s been going on this month. Gemini energy is buoyant, fun, and mischievous. Gemini is the original Trickster,  so have fun, laugh, be silly, dress up, and carve pumpkins. No pranking, though, unless the pranks are completely harmless and you know for sure the recipient can take it. 


On Halloween day, Venus, still in retrograde until November 16th, will transition from Scorpio and into its home sign of Libra. A feeling of “I got this” will follow shortly. The moon will be in expansive Leo, the vibes brighten up, and everyone should start feeling a sense of forward momentum. It’s a great way to wrap up the month. You made it!

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As an astrological bonus, here is a little nugget for each one of you, starting with Libra, since this is your birthday month. Click here to discover the best teas and healing herbs for your zodiac sign


Libra, take solace in the fact that emotionally charged situations are never permanent.


Scorpio, this is your time to glow. Radiate.


Sagittarius, your mantra: Be Prepared. Also, read the Aries message.


Capricorn, rein in any impatience with people who are more emotional than you.


Aquarius, have fun! This is a prime social month for you.


Pisces, shields up. The veils are thin, and your intuition is on fire.


Aries, this is the time to practice not blurting out everything you think.


Taurus, your creative potential is running high. Use it.


Gemini, don’t skim, go deeper. There is something waiting to be discovered.


Cancer, your ability to comfort others will be needed this month.


Leo, entering to win Best Costume will bring out new levels of positive self-esteem that will go far.


Virgo, you might find answers outside in nature this month. 


Wishing you a happy October!



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