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5 Steps to Better Attention


Did you know that the average human has a shorter attention span than a goldfish? If you struggle to focus, you’re in good company. We all wish we had better focus from time to time. Whether you wish you could read without your thoughts interrupting you, or get through your tasks at work efficiently so that you could have more free time, or stay present during conversations, better attention is undeniably valuable. In this article, we’ll share with you five ways to have better focus. 



  1. Stop multitasking. Studies have shown that attention is like a muscle: the more you concertedly use it, the stronger it will become. When you multitask, you willingly divide your attention between multiple tasks. Not only does this mean that each task gets completed less efficiently and with lower quality, but you weaken your attention muscle by accustoming your brain to spreading its attention among several different things- meaning that your focus on each task is fleeting.

    Instead, focus on one thing at a time. When you’re eating, pay attention to your food- you’ll enjoy it more this way, and you’ll likely end up eating a lot less (and make better food choices)! When you’re having a conversation, put away your phone. When you’re folding laundry, focus on it so you can get it done faster. You’ll notice that as you do this, you will save a lot of time on tasks.  
  2. Prioritize a few important tasks instead of packing your calendar to the brim. When you do the latter, you end up feeling overworked, stressed out, and distracted. Lightening your load to a few important things will help you make progress, feel a deeper sense of pride and connection with your work, and help you to build self-trust. In addition, the overwhelm of having to do a million things all at once will be lifted, leaving you more relaxed and able to focus on the present. 

  3. Use aromatherapy to help you stay focused. If you find your attention waning, essential oils can give you a quick and easy way to boost your attention, wherever you are. Try our Focus Tincture as it is packed with essential oils that boost brain power and focus. It also smells amazing, helps kill harmful microbes, and best of all, you can take it anywhere!

  4. Avoid excessive caffeine. While a moderate amount of caffeine can help some people to focus better, excessive caffeine consumption can lead to anxiety, jitteriness, and nervousness- all of which are detrimental to staying focused and attentive, and can have negative long-term effects.

    Instead, if you’re looking for a way to stay focused, alert, and have better memory, all while improving your mood and overall health, try our herbal blend, An Elephant Never Forgets. It has gingko (an herb that is famous for its brain-boosting qualities), gotu kola (a nerve strengthening herb), rhodiola (an adaptogen, which helps to balance brain chemistry and help you stay alert and energized), and more! It is highly effective at boosting mental power and a feeling of well-being.

  5. Reward yourself. We are wired to be more focused and attentive when we feel emotionally connected. Reward yourself with breaks, and make time for hobbies. Make time each day to spend time with friends and loved ones, and be sure to spend time creating or working on projects that excite you. Playtime is also necessary to clear your mind and help you to feel more peaceful.



And as always, if you have tips, ideas, or stories to share on this topic, comment below!

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