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Love Matcha? Love Chocolate? Then You Will Love This Energizing And Creamy Chocolate Matcha Latte!

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Are you in search of a new morning ritual that not only invigorates your senses but also packs a powerful punch of wellness benefits? We've got just the treat for you! Say hello to our luxuriously creamy and energizing Chocolate Matcha Latte.


chocolate matcha latte with fresh matcha and cacao powder, with a white background

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The Ingredients That Make This Chocolate Matcha Latte So Powerful

Matcha, a gem in the world of green teas, leads the way with its unparalleled antioxidant content and natural caffeine. This tea imparts a gentle, sustained energy boost that's notably different from the jitters often associated with coffee. Plus, the abundance of brain and metabolism-supporting compounds in Matcha are believed to contribute towards overall longevity.

Our recipe gets a dose of delicious decadence from raw cacao (pronounced "ca-cow"), which is chocolate in its most natural and unsweetened form. This superfood is not only a treasure trove of beneficial antioxidants but also offers a complex, smooth, and slightly bittersweet flavor profile. Bonus? Cacao is known to be naturally uplifting and energizing, and it even has mood-enhancing properties.

We also include a touch of cinnamon, a spice long-cherished for its potential in managing blood sugar levels and supporting heart health.

So as you can see, this concoction packs a real punch!


Organic Matcha and Raw Cacao


Ingredients You'll Need For This Chocolate Matcha Latte


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Here's How To Make Your Own Creamy, Dreamy Chocolate Matcha Latte:

You can make this tasty drink in a mason jar or you can use a high speed blender like a NutriBullet, which is faster and will guarantee that there will be zero lumps in the finished product.
  1. Add all the ingredients into your mason jar or a high-speed blender.
  2. Blend until smooth or, if using a mason jar, shake it vigorously until well combined.
  3. Pour your luscious latte into your favorite mug or glass. For a refreshing twist, add ice to serve it cold.
  4. Voila!


Adjust the amounts of Matcha and cacao to suit your personal preferences. If you’ve never had Matcha before, start with ½ teaspoon. It has more caffeine than a regular cup of green tea, so start low and adjust based on what your body likes. Even though the caffeine in Matcha is a smoother ride than coffee, it’s still caffeine, so pay attention to how your body responds. 


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