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Calm Down Cooler Recipe

July 05, 2021

iced tea with fruit with a pink background


Here is a refreshing and relaxing summer cooler that your whole family will love. It is made with relaxing herbal tea, sweetened with fresh fruits and a hint of mint, so it doesn’t even need any extra sweetener. Daily Calm, the herbal tea that we’re using in the recipe, is one of those smooth and soothing teas that always feels so good when you drink it. When you combine this calming brew with sweet and tasty seasonal fruits, you will want to drink this all summer long.


iced tea with fruits on a pink background

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Speaking of drinking it every day, did you know that relaxing herbal teas actually work better when you consume them on a regular basis? The more you drink relaxing teas, the better they work. Here is the reason why: when you’ve been under stress for a long time, your body becomes chronically tense, which can lead to pain, headaches, and less-than-optimal circulation. When your body starts releasing the tension that it has been holding onto, your hair gets healthier, your skin looks brighter, you begin to sleep more soundly, and when life’s challenges come your way, you're able to meet them with a relaxed demeanor. Things don’t get to you as much anymore.

When you're ready, let's head over to your kitchen and make this!


iced tea with mint and lime


Calm Down Cooler Recipe

Serves 3 – 4

You will need:

4 teaspoons Daily Calm tea (if you don’t have any Daily Calm on hand, you can substitute chamomile)

4 cups hot water

A handful of fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced in half

2 fresh clementines or oranges, sliced into rounds

A sprig or two of fresh mint leaves (feel free to substitute fresh basil, also yummy and also relaxing)

A handful of cucumber slices

Optional – 4 teaspoons honey or maple syrup

Steep the Daily Calm tea in the hot water for 10-15 minutes. If that sounds like a long time, don’t worry, unlike many other teas, this soothing herbal blend won’t taste bitter. (Note that if you’re substituting chamomile, reduce the steep time to 5 minutes, because unlike Daily Calm, chamomile will get bitter if you steep it too long)

Strain out the tea leaves and chill for several hours or overnight.

If you’re adding sweetener, stir it into before refrigerating.

Place all of the fruits, cucumber slices, and mint leaves into a glass pitcher. Muddle (gently crush) with a wooden spoon to release all the juices and flavors.

Pour the chilled Daily Calm tea over the fruits, and stir well.

Serve with or without ice in tall glasses. 

Having a party? Double the amount of tea and water, and add extra fruits as needed. 

Watch this video of Lotus making a batch of Calm Down Cooler


Tip: when you run out of tea, you can add more tea to the pitcher, or fill the pitcher with water. The water will pick up all the yummy flavors of the fruits.

Want to make this recipe? Save 20% on Daily Calm tea with code CALMDOWN

Happy sipping!


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