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Stay Sharp and Focused: Try This Brain Boosting Cranberry Apple Rosemary Mocktail

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Our brain is ultimately what makes us who we are: how we think, process emotions and react to the world around us. That's why it's so incredibly important to prioritize the health of our brain, to give it (and therefore, us) the best chance we can. We'll go over some of the most healing herbs and botanicals for the brain and then give an awesome mocktail recipe that will make brain health easy and delicious!

tea mocktail for brain health

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor if you have any serious medical conditions or already taking medicine for your condition, as these herbal remedies combined with your medicine could make the effects too strong.

An Elephant Never Forgets: The Tea For Brain Health

A few of the ingredients that make An Elephant Never Forgets so powerful:

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba, or maidenhair, is a tree native to China that has been grown for thousands of years, and has been used in Chinese medicine to successfully help and treat a variety of illnesses, specifically brain health related diseases.

ginkgo for brain health

More recently, researchers have looked into why, scientifically, the plant is so beneficial. It has been shown in multiple studies to promote brain health, because of its ability to assist in the uptake of oxygen and glucose. This helps your brain improve circulation and better utilize the nutrients, shown to improve memory, focus and attention span, as well as overall mental health!

Fun fact: The Ginkgo Tree is an emblem of longevity in China and are given as gifts as a way of wishing good health!

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola works more on the nerves and connective tissue. It has been used in India, and other Asian countries, for longevity, memory, mental focus and tissue repair.

Fun fact: Gotu Kola has been used to treat tissue death from both Leprosy and brown recluse spider bites!


Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant, also rich in anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory compounds.

Fun fact: A long time ago, before refrigerators, rosemary was actually used to preserve meat, to prevent it from going rancid. The reason why this worked is because it is so rich in antioxidants. Have you ever noticed that berries (fruits very high in antioxidants) don't brown? Whereas, something like an avocado might brown within an hour once cut. This is because their antioxidant content slows down the process of oxidation (anti-oxidant; anti-oxygen). What's cool is that these antioxidants do the same thing to your brain: helps preserve it!

For this reason, Rosemary can be beneficial in supporting brain health and mental health.

rosemary for brain health


Rhodiola is a high altitude herb that grows in the cold, mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. In general, plants that grow in a high altitudes help absorb oxygen.

Fun fact: Rhodiola has been used by elite athletes in Sweden and other European countries for performance, because it helps to get oxygen back to the brain and muscles. But, while they were taking it for sport performance, they noticed that it also improved their memory! 

Rhodiola may help symptoms of poor concentration, stress, forgetfulness and even unhappiness in individuals.

Ingredients For The Mocktail

As you can probably tell by now, the ingredients in this tea were chosen intentionally to help optimize your brain's health and overall functioning. Let's boost that brain health while also having a delicious mocktail to sip on!

mocktail for brain health

How to Make the Mocktail

1. First, brew your tea. Brew 1 teaspoon of An Elephant Never Forgets in 1/2 cup hot water for 5 minutes. Then place in the fridge for 15 more minutes.

2. While your tea is brewing, grab a glass jar and muddle 2 springs of the rosemary and all the apple. Squish them to let out all those aromas and nutrients!

3. Next, add your juice and brewed tea to the jar. Close the lid and give it a good shake.

4. Finally, strain the mixture into a short glass and top with sparkling water, the last sprig of rosemary and a slice of grapefruit!


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