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According To Astrology, Here Is What To Expect In October 2021


Happy Libra season! October is one of the most beautiful months of the year. One reason is because Libra rules all things related to love, relationships, beauty (like those beautiful autumn leaves), entertaining, and social gatherings. The sun remains in Libra for most of the month, so the overall vibe through the 23rd of the month is about love and connection. There are a few astrological influences at play this month that offer unique windows of opportunity to open up your life in new ways, should you choose to act on them. As the wise ones say, "The stars incline, they do not compel." Doors will be open; it's up to you to go through them and take your life to the next level.


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Pay Attention To The Details

October kick-off happens during Mercury retrograde. If you're unfamiliar with what this means, here is a brief explanation: three times a year, the planet Mercury looks like it is moving backwards for approximately three weeks. It isn't actually going backward, it just seems that way, in relation to the positions of the sun and earth. Astrologically, Mercury is the ruler of travel, communication, commerce, and more recently, technology. When Mercury is in retrograde, these aspects of life tend to get a little wonky (an extreme example was Facebook being out of commission for almost an entire day). So if you're experiencing printer issues, misunderstood text messages, and wrecked travel plans, now you know why. (Just be happy you aren't Facebook.)

Mercury hangs around in retrograde until the 18th, so pay close attention to what you're typing before hitting "send", don't kick your printer, and remember that this is temporary, and will get sorted before you know it. 


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Tea tip: have herbal teas on hand that contain lemon balm and ginkgo. Lemon balm helps keep the mood stable and calm, and improves focus and concentration. Ginkgo increases circulation to your brain, helping you to feel mentally sharp and remember important details that might get missed during Mercury retrograde.

Nurture Your Relationships

Wednesday the 6th is the new moon, which is also in the sign of Libra. With the sun and moon together in Libra, the emphasis on relationships intensifies. It’s a great time to check in with your family over dinner or on the phone. If you have a love interest, you can make the most of the cosmic influences and do something extra spesh for your significant someone. It’s like a door is open for you: the opportunity is there if you want to use it to grow and strengthen your connection. For unattached people who don’t want to stay that way, this is a great day to create or update your online dating profile. And for all the happily single people: treat yourself to a new scarf. 

Bear this in mind: because Mercury is in retrograde, make an extra effort to consider how what you are communicating will be received. Spell check, as well as vibe check, especially when sending a text or email. During this time, people tend to be a little more sensitive, and they might take things the wrong way. Before saying anything important, ask yourself this question: "How is what I am about to say going to land with the other person?" That little pause may spare you both a little heartache. 


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Tea tip: tea with rose petals will help you stay heart-centered, compassionate, and kind.

Now Is The Time To Be Bold

On Thursday the 7th, the planet Venus (Libra's ruling planet), which had been in retrograde, begins to go direct, in the sign of Sagittarius. Translated, this means you have the green light to move forward with some confidence. Bold moves can happen in any area of your life, but because Venus is the ruler of love and relationships, this is where your actions will have the most impact. If something is important to you, this is an opportunity to take a chance, whether it's in the bedroom or in the boardroom.

Emotionally and spiritually, energy starts to build on Tuesday the 12th. The moon will be in Capricorn, so the energy is steady and climbing.  


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Tea tip: give your bones and skin a little love on the 12th and 13th with some mineral-rich teas. Capricorn rules structure, and that includes the bones and connective tissue.

Be Ready To Move Forward

On Monday the 18th, the moon enters Aries, and both Mercury and Jupiter move out of their retrograde motion and start moving direct again. You should feel this in a number of ways. You might feel more energized overall. If you’ve been working toward a goal, you should start seeing some real progress. This is also a great time to put things into motion. This is a powerful day. Be ready. Have tea on hand to keep your mind clear. If you start feeling overwhelmed, remember to breathe. If you haven't got a clear goal or plan, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Mark a reminder on your calendar to keep calm and meditate.

The full moon happens on Wednesday the 20th. You may feel more sensitive, and not just emotionally. Support your immune system with plenty of herbal teas, take your vitamin C, and remember that being stressed out lowers your immune system. So does eating sugar, so make an effort to allow stressful events to roll off your back. Everything is temporary. Be like a duck and paddle with the flow. 



Tea tip: it's a great idea to have some tea on hand that supports your immune system. If you start feeling under the weather, begin drinking those teas right away, to give your immune system an advantage at fighting off illness. 

Take Advantage Of The Energy Now

The vibes change again in a major way on Saturday the 23rd when the sun moves into Scorpio. The energy of this astrological sign is deep and potent. Imagine the sound of a subterranean hum deep below the earth, along with a feeling of patient pause, like a large hunting cat, waiting for prey.  The body is calm, the mind is alert. That is the vibe of Scorpio. On the same day, the moon enters Gemini, which will lend a sense of keen awareness and light to Scorpio’s power and strength. What are you going to do with that energy? It’s worth journaling about, right? This is your second window of opportunity this month to do something cool.

On Thursday the 28th, emotional tension will begin to dissipate and relax. You might feel this in your neck and shoulders as well. This is the moon, doing its thing, easing off the intensity created by the full moon as it wanes (gets smaller). Sensitive people may feel this in their body.  


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Don't Hold Back Now

Saturday the 30th is another great day to pounce on. Mars, the planet that rules action and drive, leaves retrograde and moves direct again, also in the sign of Scorpio. The waning moon is in Virgo, which adds emotional stability and mental clarity to help you harness the energy that's available to you. It may feel like you're behind the wheel of a powerful luxury car for a couple of days. Follow your dreams and don't hold back! It’s a great way to wrap up the month.

Here are the best teas to help you feel your best this month:

Teas with lemon balm

Teas with ginkgo

Teas with rose petals

Teas that are high in minerals

  • Love My Hair is nourishing to the hair, skin, nails, and connective tissue
  • Daily Detox is nutritious and supports the liver and kidneys

Teas that support immunity

  • Elderberry Tonic supports healthy immunity during cold and flu season
  • Lemon Punch contains lots of citrus which is great for immune health




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