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8 Herbs And Crystals for Prosperity and Good Luck

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Ever wondered about the role of herbs and crystals in paving the way to prosperity and good luck? Well, buckle up as we explore the natural gifts that are known to have properties that promote wealth, good luck, and positivity. Today, we'll dive deep into some of these potent prosperity herbs and luck-inviting crystals, delving into their ancient roots and modern uses.

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Crystals have specific arrangements of minerals that are thought to channel certain frequencies of energy. Similarly, age-old medical traditions like Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, believe that all plants possess a life force, which became the foundation for their use in rituals around the world. Let's explore some of the traditions around these potent herbs and crystals for money, luck, and prosperity.


What Spice Brings Prosperity?

Fenugreek! Historically, Fenugreek has been a powerful symbol of prosperity, particularly in the Mediterranean and West Asian regions. This belief arose from the plant's robust growth and its golden seeds, which were seen as a metaphor for abundant wealth. In ancient Egypt, Fenugreek was considered a sacred plant. Its seeds were found in the tombs of pharaohs, symbolizing their journey to the afterlife, where they expected continued prosperity.

If you wish to experience the aromatic allure of Fenugreek in tea form, check out our Lucky Morning Spice blend that combines it with other botanicals associated with prosperity.


fenugreek in wooden bowl and spoon for prosperity


Lemon Verbena For Stress Relief

The association of lemon verbena with prosperity and positive energy stems from the belief that a calm and clear mind is the foundation of positivity. Ancient wisdom suggests that by creating a peaceful environment and reducing stress, one can create space for prosperity and attract positive energies. The idea is that tranquility allows for clarity of thought and intention, both of which are believed to be pivotal in manifesting abundance.

Our Lush Lavender blend harnesses the calming qualities of lemon verbena, pairing it with the soothing properties of lavender for a truly tranquil tea experience. Each sip offers a moment of peace, potentially clearing the way for good fortune to flow into your life.


Lemongrass For Wealth And Courage

Historically in places like India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, lemongrass was a significant component in rituals aimed at welcoming abundance. People believed that the plant's vivacious growth and pleasant aroma had the power to draw in positive energies and wealth. In some cultures, it was even planted around homes as a way to attract prosperity.

The connection between lemongrass and courage also has deep roots. Warriors in many ancient Southeast Asian cultures would use lemongrass in their rituals before going into battle, believing that its essence could imbue them with bravery and fortitude. The refreshing aroma was believed to clear the mind, enhance focus, and ignite courage, preparing the warriors for the challenges ahead.

If you're looking for a tea blend with this powerful herb, our Happy Place blend incorporates the vibrant energy of lemongrass in a harmonious composition with other ingredients.


lemongrass in field with sunshine


Milk Thistle For Protection

Known for its protective qualities, Milk Thistle (or Silybum marianum) has a rich history of use in European traditional medicine. Its name, Silybum, is derived from the Greek words "sillyon" and "bous," meaning "tassel" and "ox," respectively. This is believed to reference an ancient tale where the plant's white mottled leaves were caused by a drop of the Virgin Mary's milk, thus granting the plant protective qualities.

The link between milk thistle and prosperity is deeply woven into the belief that health and protection are fundamental to abundance. The old saying, "health is wealth," rings true here. By promoting wellness and shielding against negativity, milk thistle is thought to pave the way for prosperity to enter one's life.

Our Daily Detox blend subtly incorporates the potential protective power of milk thistle. Alongside other detoxifying ingredients, this blend serves as a gentle reminder of the resilience inherent within us and the prosperity that can come from maintaining our well-being.


Dandelion Root For Survival

Dandelion root is a symbol of emotional and physical survival. A testament to resilience, dandelions are capable of thriving in the harshest of environments, from cracks in city sidewalks to lush meadows. This hardiness serves as a powerful metaphor for overcoming adversities and prospering despite circumstances - a trait inherently linked to the concept of prosperity.

Historically, many cultures, including the Native Americans and the ancient Egyptians, have utilized dandelion root for its numerous health benefits. They believed that the plant's robust vitality could be transferred to the consumer, improving well-being and enhancing the body's natural healing capabilities.

In our Smooth Jazz blend, dandelion root adds a subtly earthy and robust element to the flavor profile. Beyond its taste contribution, it symbolizes the blend's potential to support well-being and resilience, embodying the idea that prosperity often blossoms in the face of adversity.


dandelion flower with root on wooden cutting board 


Crystals For Luck And Prosperity

In addition to herbs, certain stones are believed to carry vibrations that attract prosperity.


Citrine For Wealth

Also referred to as the 'Merchant's Stone', Citrine is a quartz variety recognized for its vibrant, golden color, reminiscent of sunshine. Historically, merchants were known to keep this stone in their cash registers, banking on its reputed ability to amplify wealth and influence. The luminous energy emitted by Citrine is said to attract an abundance of positivity and prosperity, boosting self-confidence and creativity, all essential elements for success. If you're drawn to this sunny gem, check out our recommended Citrine stone here.

Keep a large piece of citrine in a special place in your home that you will see on a daily basis and be reminded of the abundance of life. If you only have a small piece, carry it with you in your pocket or purse. 


Aventurine For Luck

Aventurine, often recognized as the 'Stone of Opportunity', is a variety of quartz with a shimmering, green hue. It's long been associated with good luck and is particularly popular among those seeking fortune in games of chance or new financial ventures. Besides its reputed luck-attracting qualities, Aventurine is also thought to stimulate decision-making, creativity, and perception. If you're considering inviting more luck into your life, try incorporating aventurine crystals into your life. Carry it with you in a small pouch and hold it in your hand to help offset any negative emotions around money such as frustration or worry. 


Pyrite For Wealth Attraction

Pyrite, also charmingly called 'Fool's Gold' due to its gold-like appearance, has been valued throughout history for its shiny metallic luster. This iron sulfide mineral is known for its protective qualities, shielding its user from negative energies. In terms of wealth attraction, Pyrite's gold-like gleam has symbolically linked it to the abundance and prosperity of actual gold. It is thought to attract wealth, success, and good luck by stimulating the flow of ideas and confidence. If you'd like to add the glitter of 'Fool's Gold' to your prosperity journey, check out this natural Pyrite cluster.

Place a piece of this beautiful stone in a prominent place in your home, such as near your favorite houseplant, or on your desk, so that you will see it on a daily basis. 


citrine stone in hand for wealth


    And there you have it – a fascinating exploration of herbs and crystals known for their links to prosperity and luck. Brew a comforting cup of our tea, find your favorite crystal, and see what the universe has in store for you.

    Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments. We'd love to hear about your personal journey with these herbs and crystals of prosperity and good luck!

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