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7 Day Stop Sugar Challenge

Want to stop eating so much sugar and end those sugar cravings for good?

In 7 days, you could be in charge of your food choices, with the help of two amazing teas, the support of the community, and the power of your commitment to live a healthier life starting now.

Join us for a 7 Day Stop Sugar Challenge, where we provide two life-changing teas and a step-by-step daily plan that will help you stop craving sugar and start feeling more vibrant and healthy on a daily basis. 

Participants will have a private Facebook Group because committing and sticking to the 7 Day Stop Sugar Challenge is easier when you're surrounded by people like you.

There will also be a virtual live kickoff call, and a wrap-up session with Kita Centella and members from the Loose Leaf team. 

Challenge includes:

  • 2 sugar-busting teas: Sleek & Slender, and Sugarproof
  • a tea steeper
  • a daily step-by-step plan and checklist
  • a private Facebook group
  • 2 live virtual calls with Kita Centella and the team

The next challenge dates are December 4th - 11th 2022 and January 8th - 15th 2023. 

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