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Do Crystals Actually Work?

January 13, 2018 1 Comment

Do Crystals Actually Work?


People love rocks, gemstones, and crystals. They are beautiful, mysterious, and stir our imagination. It’s a wonder how the natural forces of heat, pressure, and time can create such amazing beauty.

Even though crystals and gemstones are associated with the new age movement, archaeological evidence reveals that our fascination with the mineral kingdom has been around for a very long time.

It seems that no matter what time period, people want the same things: health, wealth or social status, love, and family. Times may change, but human nature is pretty consistent.

Throughout history, gemstones were employed by shamans and priests for spiritual and magical purposes. Lofty and divine qualities were attributed to beautiful, rare minerals, and in some societies, were reserved only for royalty, or the highest offices of the church. 

But do crystals really work?

There are some things that we know for certain about crystals, gems, and minerals.


  • Crystals are very, very, very old. They were formed millions, possibly billions of years old, created as the earth itself was being formed.
  • Crystals are made of various minerals such as silica, carbon, calcium, iron, etc. As a matter of fact, the mineral kingdom is made of the same minerals that exist in all living things on earth.
  • Crystals and gems come in all shapes and sizes. Some were formed in layers, and others were created in bubbles; some have individual points, others are smooth or striated.
  • Certain crystals and gemstones act as conductors of energy. Some can act as generators under pressure.
  • Science and technology uses minerals in all types of things including computers, cell phones, radios, watches, and much more.


Unfortunately, there is no evidence at all that crystals can heal your body, attract a lover, or makes you wealthy. 

What they can do, however, is help improve your mood, and ignite your motivation to achieve your goals, and take the necessary steps to improve your life. No matter what our rational adult brains tell us we should or shouldn’t believe, our subconscious minds have a ball with natural elements and symbolism. 

And that’s where the real magic begins – deep within our subconscious minds.


How To Use Crystals For Achieving Your Goals

Start by choosing a gem that reminds or inspires you of your goal. If you’re not sure what stone to pick, simply choose one that you find appealing. You can use books as guidelines, but feel free to ignore what the “experts” say and just pick the one you like. 

Our ancestors associated certain qualities to various rocks and gems. Luck, healing, money, spiritual growth, and love are the most common qualities associated with gemstones. You can research the old lore to create a mantra, or just make something up. For example, pink-colored rose quartz is associated with love, peace, and relationships. A single person looking for love can use a mantra like “my heart is open”; a stressed-out parent can use a mantra like “my home is full of peace and joy”.

If your crystal is small, you can carry it with you in your pocket or purse. (I know a number of ladies who stuff them in their bra.) Place a larger crystal in a prominent place to remind you of your goal every time you look at it.

As often as you can, hold your crystal, say your mantra, and take actions toward your goal. (Put up a dating profile, submit your resume, look for ways to invest your money, etc.)

Once you start seeing results, you will feel more confident, and before you know it, you’ll be unstoppable.

The above exercise can be especially effective with helping young people dealing with stresses from school and social pressures. Carrying a crystal talisman in their pocket can be very empowering to a child or adolescent.


Here are a few more (very practical) ways to enjoy crystals:

  • Hold a crystal while you meditate to give your mind something to focus on
  • Massage your hands by rolling rounded polished stones between your palms to help release tension
  • Massage your feet by placing a large round crystal on the carpet or on a towel, and roll the sole of your foot over the stone. This is very soothing for plantar fasciitis or pregnant moms with sore feet
  • In China, polished jade was rolled over the face to reduce puffiness and help clear the complexion. Apply a moisturizing oil to your face, and gently massage your face and neck with a piece of smooth polished jade (or any smooth stone that you like)
  • Create uplifting seasonal displays in your home by arranging crystals with dried flowers, pretty jars, feathers, shells, or other natural “found” treasures.


For further reading on crystals and the way our ancestors around the world used them, check out this article.

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments below!


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October 02, 2018

Here’s a helpful article that talks about the science behind how crystals work for anyone who is interested:

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