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This Thanksgiving, Blame The Family Drama On Astrology

November 11, 2018 2 Comments

This Thanksgiving, Blame The Family Drama On Astrology


If you study astrology for long enough, you'll eventually arrive at the conclusion that there is always some planetary event happening that will interrupt your otherwise peaceful life. This November is no exception. If you’re one of the millions of people celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with family, here is what you need to know. I've included some suggestions at the end to help you navigate any rough patches in order to make your Thanksgiving a happy and uplifting occasion.


On Friday the 16th, Venus, ruler of love and relationships, goes direct. This means that some of the recent conflicts and tension you may have experienced in your close relationships will start to dissipate, once the love planet starts moving forward again. Yay.


But on the very same day, Mercury goes retrograde. Tech, travel, and communication are all fair game for disruption. Mercury wears a trickster hat during its retrograde periods, and this celestial prankster can and will get all up in your business, from lost tickets to ridiculous printer problems to restaurant servers totally messing up your order.

I’m telling you all of this now so that when snafus happen, and they will, you have a pass to blame something other than yourself. Lay it all on Mercury until December 6th, when it goes direct and responsibility for your problems shifts back to you. So when things go wrong, don’t blame your waiter or your brother-in-law or your mom, just point your finger at the sky. (Oh, Mercury. Shake your head and roll your eyes for added effect. Maybe even sigh.)





On Thanksgiving Day, the sun enters Sagittarius, a bold and fiery sign that’s famous for bravery, adventurousness, and the pursuit of truth and justice. 

Here is what you need to know:

Sagittarian energy influences us to tell it like it is, cards on the table, all in the pursuit of truth. Of course truth is fantastic, but blunt honest statements can make folks a teensy bit uncomfortable, especially at the holiday table. Instead of calling out Uncle Ernie about his stance on the Second Amendment, ask him if he’s seen any good movies lately. Remember, Mercury is retrograde, so no matter how noble your intentions are, the chances of someone misunderstanding you are sky high. Keep it light, positive, upbeat AF and don’t take ANYTHING personally. (Pro tip: don’t be salty.)

Next up is Black Friday, with a full moon in fun, lighthearted Gemini. The multi-faceted sign of the Twins is famous for many things, but one of the things it is NOT known for is being careful with money. Rather than hoard cash in a squirrel-like fashion, Gemini energy scatters money like birdseed. Wheeeeee! Reminder: Mercury is still in retrograde, so double check your bank balance before hitting the malls (or the keyboard). As long as you don’t overdraft yourself, the stars say that this will be a red letter shopping day.

If you’re holding off on spending your money until Cyber Monday, note that the moon will be moving from twinkly Gemini to sensitive Cancer, prompting emotional shopping, which is similar to emotional eating but more expensive.


Just so you know, there is no way I would dump all of this astro-weirdness on you without some corresponding herbal empowerment. Here are some fast fixes using plant power to create and maintain positive vibes and keep your inner peace.





Is drama inevitable in your family? Try these suggestions before company arrives:

  • The morning of your gathering, burn sage or other herbal incense, and set the intention for peaceful, loving energy. Aromatic herbs like sage are the original aromatherapy, and have a beneficial effect on your mood and emotions.
  • If you don’t like smoke, light a candle and picture yourself and your home filled with gentle, soothing energy.
  • Drink Daily Calm or Anxiety Relief to nourish your nerves and help you be relaxed, even if someone unintentionally pushes your buttons. These teas are made with herbs called nervines, which nourish and strengthen your nervous system. The more you drink them, the better they work. 


Browse all of our relaxing and uplifting teas here


If you’re feeling stressed when company is around:

  • Take a whiff of rosemary oil, the aroma of remembrance, to remind yourself of everything you are grateful for. The aroma of rosemary is clean and sharp, and can help you have a clear head if you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or irritated. 
  • Make a big pitcher or pot of tea for the table. Best choices are teas with hawthorn, to open the heart (I Heart Pomegranates and Cranberry Apple Tart); spices to warm the soul (Go Chai, Lucky Morning Spice); and chocolate, which gives everyone a dose of warm fuzzies (Coconut Cocoa, Chocomaya Chai). Sharing tea brings people together.
  • Step into a different room, close your eyes, and take 3 to 5 deep, slow breaths. When you close your eyes it shuts out the noise and allows you to find your balance.



Is the financial pressure on?

Money Magnet Oil and mist is a fragrant blend of essential oils that have ancient associations with wealth and riches. It also smells amazing. I created this recipe in 2008 at the start of the recession to help people rewrite their own personal money script. Our sense of smell is closely connected to our emotional state, with the olfactory nerve going directly to the limbic part of the brain. I wanted to create an oil that linked a pleasing scent with positive thoughts about money. To use: dab on a little oil or mist it around your head and shoulders as a fragrant reminder of the abundance of nature. 


Wishing you all a warm and happy season!





2 Responses


November 11, 2018

Love the message. Ugh! Mercury in retrograde. Not fun.
Happy Thanksgiving! Sage is a good idea for thanksgiving. Xo


November 11, 2018

I so appreciate all you said. Happy Thanksgiving !!

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