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The Foolproof Way To Brew Sugarproof Tea

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If you're new to brewing loose leaf tea, here is your foolproof method for brewing Sugarproof tea in four easy steps.


You will need:



Step one: Give the pouch of Sugarproof a good shake to distribute the ingredients.

Opening a pouch of Sugarproof tea/



Step two: Measure out one teaspoon of Sugarproof tea. Place this inside a paper tea filter, and, using your fingers, gently pull the drawstring to close. 

Measuring a teaspoon of Sugarproof tea.



Step three: Place the tea bag into your favorite cup, and pour eight ounces of hot water over the tea.

Pouring hot water over the Sugarproof tea.



Step four: Allow the Sugarproof tea to steep for twenty minutes. This long steep time allows for all of the flavors and health benefits to fully develop.

A cup of Sugarproof tea, steeping.



You can enjoy your Sugarproof tea both hot and over ice. Either way, you will get all of the benefits. You can learn more about Sugarproof tea here.





1 comment

Dianne Proffit
Dianne Proffit

I got mine a couple weeks ago, I love and use it, it helps discourage wanting to eat sugar, it definitely serves the purpose plus I reordered and also got sleek and slim to add to my Sugarproof Tea!!

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