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November Horoscopes By Kita


November is a month full of high notes and action. Key words: bustle, go, warmth, and focus. Just because the energy is positive doesn’t mean it will stay that way without your input and effort. Keep your eyes on the prize and prioritize to make sure your efforts are purposeful and not frantic. The Sun moves from Scorpio (all about intensity and laser-like focus) into Sagittarius (expansion, growth, and change) on the 21st, so expect to feel as though your road widens and that you have a little bit more breathing room. Take advantage of this extra capacity for oxygen and go in for a deeper energy refill.



It’s always nice to discover something new, and this month, Aries, you have at least one pleasant surprise waiting for you to find it. Your discovery might take the form of an intangible gift, such as a shift in perspective, or a sudden “aha!” Then again, it’s possible that you spy the glimmer of the equivalent of a “golden ticket” half buried in the snow. Your key words this month are “pay attention” and “serendipity”. Drink a tea with blueberries (Blueberry Thrill or Joyful Garden) to strengthen your vision. Lemon essential oil in a diffuser in your office will help your mental focus more than you can imagine.



Not everything goes according to your plans this month, Taurus, but right now this is a good thing. Your hard work and dedication won’t go to waste. Sometimes, Life just wants you to do something else, something that you hadn’t counted on or expected. You have the chance to expand your view of yourself, and your potential this month. I highly recommend that you utilize this time to rethink your self-imposed limitations and consider eliminating them for good. A warm cup of a calming tea with Chamomile and Passionflower can help you work some of this stuff out in your sleep. You can also try a drop of Lavender on your pillow.



There was never a better time to rebel against the tendencies of your astrological sign, Gemini. You know how much you hate the clichés of your sign: that you’re scattered and fickle, unfocused and flighty. It’s a form of unfair discrimination and there is no reason to allow those negative zodiacal stereotypes to perpetuate. However, as the Sun starts to move into your opposing sign of Sagittarius, it puts undue pressure on your mercurial psyche. Prove the books wrong, Gemini, and make to-lists, pin them to your forehead so you don’t forget where they are, and whatever you do, don’t be late. Your one word mantra this month is “Molasses”. Aromatherapy can help. Place a tiny drop of Vetiver essential oil in your palm, rub your hands together, and breathe deeply a few times. Instant focus, like magic.



Does the thought of family gatherings stir up that deep well of emotion, Cancer? It’s all right. Our human relationships are supposed to stir us. We’re hard-wired to rely on each other, and potential friction between loved ones triggers primal discomfort. Do your best to throw all of that emotional ambivalence into your cooking by experimenting with unusual flavors that jerk you out of expected routines and place you square in the present moment, to experience something new and different. Communicate with food. Families can learn and grow together through food. The shared experience of an exotic dish will turn everyone’s attention away from focusing on dysfunction and back to a place of discovery, and possibly even love. Your top destination this month is the spice cabinet. Pull them out and start cooking.



Do you sometimes get tired of being the “Proud Lioness Queen”? Shakespeare’s line “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” applies to you right now. Get scratched behind the ears, schedule a hot oil treatment, book a massage, and indulge in some very necessary self-care. There’s a cute and cuddly Lion underneath all that strength that needs to come out and play. Give to yourself now to fill your well, so that you’ve got plenty to share with others in the near future. Don’t let the well run dry, Leo; your kingdom needs you. Love My Hair Tea is my pick for you this month; it provides deep nourishment for your entire body.



There are several words for you to take into yourself as if they were food, and assimilate their meaning into your body and mind just like you do with vitamins. These words, dear Virgo, are “artisanship”, “competence”, and “value”. Draw fully on their meanings so that you apply these concepts into everything you do this month (and beyond). I am fully aware that all Virgos are unique beings, and to try and peg a single message onto a twelfth of the population is preposterous. Instead, take your message and apply it to your own unique and individual life. The world as it is today needs your particular tendency toward deep and thoughtful craftsmanship, and the attitude of artisanship can be applied equally to organizing your bedroom closet, drafting a legal brief, preparing a salad, or helping your kid with homework. You might gain some valuable insight by studying the structure, shape, and form of rocks or crystals.



Your particular flair for making people feel comfortable will be in full swing this month, Libra. There’s a special sparkle about you that doesn’t feel the need to compete with the sparkle of others. “Shine and let shine” is your November motto, but you didn’t need to be reminded of that. Just keep being you, and the rest will follow. However, feel free to expand on the theme of unobtrusively making other people feel special by spreading uplifting yet subtle compliments at work, home, and in social situations. Small vases of fresh cut flowers here and there are another way to add beauty to your surroundings in a natural and low-key way. A warm cup of Moroccan Rose Mint tea in the morning will help put you in the mood to be the office “beauty-monger” and “peace-inciter”.



With the external pressure of the Sun in your sign moving off of you this month, you might feel a greater sense of ease and release. A sprint around the block, or a little high-intensity exercise will do wonders at moving tension out of your body via your marvelous circulatory system. This month, Scorpio, do your best to eat light, clean, fresh foods for at least a week or more. You might discover that a week of fresh veggies can clear more than your digestive system; often times, a sense of clear-headedness results from a vacation from heavy foods. If you’re already eating clean, this message still applies. Daily Detox Tea is a great way to wrap up the evening. Sprinkle a little ginger and turmeric into your food or juice to keep your liver in tip-top form.



Whether you’re a November or December Sag, the winter sun is about to start shining its big bright light on you. Use some of this focus on a little inner reflection and look at the big picture of your larger-than-life life. Take a birds-eye view of how the choices you made in your past led you to where you are now, and from here, where it looks like you’re going if you continue on your current course. If you like where you’re headed, great! If not, in the words of Robert Plant in the song Stairway To Heaven: “There’s still time to change the road you’re on”. Sagittarians are particularly adept at creating change in their own circumstance. It’s up to you to decide if this is necessary. If so, hop to it, as the time is ripe. If you need a little motivation, teas that are heavy on cinnamon (Go Chai or Pumpkin Chai Spice) can light that inner fire.



No one likes to be pigeonholed, and unfortunately, people sometimes think they have you all figured out. If you experience this at all this month, maybe it really is time to look in the mirror and ask yourself if maybe there is something to what people are saying. Maybe, what might actually be happening is that the public persona that you’ve been projecting is different from the real private you. Humans are creatures of habit, and personality traits can become just as habitual as eating cookies or twirling your hair. How about this: if you feel misunderstood at all this month, surprise the people around you by revealing a little bit of your soul that you normally reserve for only your closest friends. A little bit of vulnerability can pay long-term dividends in the future. The friendly aroma of Sweet Orange oil in a room diffuser can help build your courage.



Apply your creative spirit to your holiday gift shopping this month. Before you dismiss this as a trite message, stop and listen up. One of your jobs in life, Aquarius, is to challenge the status quo through innovative thinking and revolutionary actions. This year, the people on your list might need more than a toaster or a curling iron. They may require a new perspective, hobby, or reason to revolutionize their own lives, and you, luv, can act as a potential catalyst for their change. Oprah Winfrey and Abraham Lincoln are your Aquarian spirit animals this month; what would they get for the people on your list? Have fun with it. You just might discover some new interests and passions of your own! To stimulate your own creative spark, try a tea that you’ve never tasted before, like Ginseng Green Dragon, Genmaicha Matcha, or a rich cup of Puehr.



This month, Pisces, your focus is Love – romance, family, warm friendships, all forms of love. Love will also be focusing its energy on you, so it appears to be a win-win situation this November. Your task is to focus on the love and not on feelings of insecurity that you have surrounding the topic of love. The past is over, and you have the opportunity now to experience love in new, healthier ways. If you’re in an established relationship, make the first move to be spontaneous and romantic. If the relationship is new, it is better to be quiet than express your fears to your new love interest. Single Pisceans: focus this sweet energy on your family, friends, and pets. Love is love, and it’s flowing for you in all its beautiful forms. Enhance the aroma of your environment by diffusing sweet essential oils like Rose Blend, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang.  

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