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November 2020 Vibes, According To Astrology

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We live in an uber-nutty world right now, so I took a peek at what is happening astrologically to give you a little heads-up about what’s happening in the cosmos. This will give you a bit of an advantage in managing the stuff that comes up in your life and relationships throughout November.


November 2020 astrology

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One of the most impactful astrological influences comes from the moon, which rules how we feel on the inside. The moon moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac every month. This is one reason why there are days when you feel clear and focused, and other days when all you want to do is laze around in bed and binge-watch Schitt’s Creek. The moon reflects our inner selves, and our inner world is always shifting, like the surface of water: at times calm, at times stormy. This is how the moon influences us. However, the Ancient Greek mathematician Ptolemy stated “The stars incline, they do not compel.” This means that you can force yourself to dress in something other than pajamas and get some actual work done, even if you don’t feel like it. A little astrological know-how can help you "adult" more effectively.


Pay attention to the details

The month begins with Mercury in retrograde. Mercury retrogrades are famous for travel plan snafus, technology meltdowns, and miscommunications galore. This chaos has been going on since mid-October, but it's about to let up as Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, Nov 3rd, right around lunchtime. The energy of the retrograde will linger for a little while, so it’s important to pay attention to the details in everything that you consider important. Make sure that the emails, texts, (and ballots) reflect exactly what you want them to say, and don’t press “go” until you have double checked your work.


Don't take things personally

The moon moves into fast-moving Gemini on the 2nd, and hangs out there until early evening of the 4th when it moves into sensitive Cancer. This means that, collectively, for the first nine or so days, people are going to feel a little rollercoaster-y on the inside. The Gemini influence is quick, changeable, light, and hops from one thing to another. (It’s emotional A.D.D.) Cancer empathizes, sympathizes, and only wants to help. The Cancerian influence can cause people to get butthurt rather easily. So remember, it’s just a phase; try not to take anything personally. Now that you know what’s happening behind the scenes, you can get yourself into a calm and logical mental state by breathing slowly, having a cup of tea, and reminding yourself that all things on this earth are temporary. Once you have calmed yourself, you can also help the people around you. As they say on airplanes, put on your own oxygen mask first, before helping anyone else.


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Although the moon is waning (getting smaller), emotions can run high and hot until Tuesday the 10th, when the moon enters logical Virgo. This will be a welcome respite. Breathe deep, shake it off, and take stock of what you need to do. Moon in Virgo vibe brings “Mr. Spock” energy. This is the time for details and facts. It’s the perfect time to get organized, make lists, and check things off said lists.


Level up your communication

Also on the 10th, Mercury, ruler of communication, enters deep and powerful Scorpio. Mercury loves words, but know this: communication is only 7% words. 38% of communication is tone, and the other 55% is non-verbal body language. So, while Mercury is in Scorpio, you have the unique opportunity to really express yourself, and also to understand what others are trying to express. Look beyond what your ears are hearing, and use your eyes, your heart, and your intuition to read between the lines. The body is more honest than words, because when it comes right down to it, humans are mammals, and animals can read the room without overthinking the situation.

This is a great time to think deeply about the things you care about most. 2020 has been intense for everyone on the planet, and we all need to evaluate and take stock of our lives, plans, and goals. This is the perfect opportunity to do that. Mercury remains in Scorpio until December 1, so you have a nice little window of time to journal, plan, and dive into the things that are most important to you.


Forward motion

On Friday the 13th, Mars turns direct after being retrograde since September 9th. Mars is the ruler of action, forward movement, and assertive decision-making. When Mars is retrograde, you might lack energy, motivation, or feel stuck. So it can feel like a relief, on some level, for the energy in your life to start flowing again. Mars will be moving forward in its native sign of Aries, so the forward movement might feel powerful. Plan your moves ahead of time so that you don’t feel rushed. Journal, journal, journal.


Start something new

And then, the lunar cycle begins anew in the sign of Scorpio. New moons are the time for new beginnings, and to initiate new projects. In Scorpio, this is a good time to focus on important matters that you want to start taking seriously, like your health, and your finances, and your relationships. Go as deep as you can. If you’re uncomfortable, it means you’re growing, and it will lead to somewhere good. I don't know who said this originally, but we all need to hear it from time to time: There is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone. 


Manage your restless energy

The Sun moves from intense Scorpio to dynamic Sagittarius on Saturday, the 21st. Sagittarius rules honesty, adventure, and open horizons. Who knows how the energy of this will play out in the world, when the global pandemic is still affecting just about every aspect of our lives. There may be feelings of restlessness when freedom of movement is constrained, so remember, there isn’t anything wrong with you, this is just the sun beaming down Sagittarius energy. Don’t become reckless when feeling restless. Exercise, run, do some jumping jacks, and work off excess physical energy. Indulge your curiosity with new stories. Stretch your mind and learn something new. (Sagittarius rules higher learning.) Buy an atlas and map out future trips. (I recently did this.) Like everything else in life, this situation is temporary.


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Deepen your relationships

Venus, which rules love and relationships, enters Scorpio on the 21st. Scorpio is an intense placement for any planet, and when it comes to Venus, you will feel the Scorpio influence in your relationships with the people you are closest to. Emotional intensity tends to ratchet up a few notches, which can be wonderful or it can be disastrous, depending on how well you manage your responses and actions. It might be an interesting time for intimate relationships. You have an opportunity to take your relationship to new levels if you are both willing to be nakedly honest and next-level strong. Real lasting love requires bravery. Unattached people, you can use this time to your advantage in your relationships with your friends and family.


Time to be creative

The moon is in Pisces from the 21st through the morning of the 24th, increasing your intuition and sensitivity. The energy of Pisces also lends itself to creative pursuits. This is a lovely time to begin DIY projects, writing projects, experiment with creative recipes, and create handmade gifts to give for the holidays.


The moon moves into assertive Aries on Tuesday the 24th, which can help you regain your sense of individuality and personal purpose. Shrug off all those watery emotions and get ready for what will likely be the weirdest Thanksgiving in living memory.


Enjoy the simple pleasures

However you decide to celebrate Thanksgiving, whether you will brave the company of other humans or keep things close and intimate, the growing moon will transition into stable and grounding Taurus. This vibe is all about enjoying the pleasures of life. Enjoy and savor lovingly-prepared food. Take a walk, drink in the beauty of nature, embrace whatever is happening with the weather outside, and just take it all in. Life has been tumultuous, yes, but it’s still rolling right along. Under the influence of moon in Taurus, you can remain calm, and hold steady.


Money talk

If you’re shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the influence of the Taurus moon can aid you in making solid and wise purchases. The full moon happens on Monday the 30th. This is Cyber Monday, and the moon will shift into Gemini. so make sure to shop with a list, because if you don’t, you may end up scattering your money like birdseed, something that can happen under the full moon frivolity of Gemini. Wheeeee! Shopping falls under the realm of Gemini’s ruler Mercury, and in the sign of Gemini, shopping can be a heck of a lot of fun. Pay attention to your bank balance, and enjoy some well-deserved lightheartedness. It’s a lovely way to wrap up what starts out as an intense month.


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I am reading this after a sleepless night on the morning of November 4th. And As I read this, I felt myself calming a bit. It is soothing just like your teas! Thank you very much for sharing your astrological knowledge, it took time and energy to do so and it is appreciated by me.

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