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Your Summer Wellness Shopping Guide: Elevate Your Summer with Our Top Picks

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Want to prioritize your wellness, while still getting the most enjoyment this summer? This guide is your one-stop-shop for everything you need this July to keep you happy and healthy! We'll go over our top recommendations for healthy summer teas, the best in-season produce, and even natural products to boost both your wellness and your summer fun. Let's dive in!


Yummy Summer Tea Blends You Need To Try

While hydration is the name of the game during the heat of summer, it's crucial to sidestep the sugar-laden traps lurking in our go-to summer beverages like sugary lemonades, packaged punches, and candy-like sodas. Instead, we'll give you our top 4 picks for yummy summer teas that taste amazing AND keep you healthy and glowing all summer long!


Strawberry Lemonade

Sweet and tart refreshing tea that's both healthy and fun! This fresh and fruity blend lifts your mood, supports your immune system, and helps keep your skin clear and beautiful. Even better, Strawberry Lemonade tea is loaded with important nutrients and antioxidants.

strawberry lemonade tea brewed, with fresh strawberries and fresh lemons in kitchen setting

Peach Apricot Black Tea

This is an organic smooth and rich Black tea flavored with ripe peach and apricot. The Black tea comes from the Assam region of India, known for producing teas with bold flavor that holds its own when blended with other ingredients. The peach and apricot harmonize with the tea, and provide great flavor and aroma. 

peach apricot black tea brewed with mint and colored straw, fresh peach on wood table

Blueberry Thrill Iced Tea

This delicious all-organic tea has been a fan favorite since 2017! Made with brisk black tea, yummy blueberries, and a hint of lavender, Blueberry Thrill makes the perfect tea to enjoy on a hot summer day. It's loaded with anti-aging antioxidants that protect your skin, which is so important during the summer when we get more sun exposure. 

A cup of Blueberry Thrill iced tea with blueberries and lavender.

Sugarproof Tea

Although you may not think of Sugarproof as a refreshing summer drink, this tea has a fruity flavor from the hibiscus, with notes of sweet cinnamon and a hint of cooling mint. It's lovely when served over ice, with a twist of lemon. And if you're watching your waistline, Sugarproof is a great calorie-free substitute for sugary summer beverages.

Read more about Sugarproof here

Sugarproof tea over ice with a lemon garnish and gold straw.

Your Success Shopping List

Must-Haves for Your July Grocery List

The key to staying healthy and fighting inflammation often lies in following nature's calendar. Seasonal eating not only treats your taste buds to the freshest flavors, but it also synchronizes your body with nature's rhythms. Our July picks are at their nutritional peak right now, offering unique health benefits to support your well-being during summer.

  • Blueberries: Packed with anti-aging and vision-boosting antioxidants, blueberries are at their prime in July, making for a healthy, youth-promoting addition to your breakfasts! 

  • Cucumbers: At their peak in the heat of summer, cucumbers are not just refreshing; they're also packed with hydrating properties and essential nutrients that can contribute to healthier, more youthful skin. 
  • Green Beans: Fresh and tender in the summer months, green beans provide a significant amount of fiber and vitamin K, enhancing digestion and bone health. 
  • Melons: This summer, try starting off your day with fresh melon before your breakfast or your coffee - consuming fresh melon first thing in the morning helps to replenish fluids and promote hydration after a long night of fasting. It also offers your body an uplifting burst of essential vitamins and a gentle kick-start to your digestion. Try it! You'll feel the difference.
  • Strawberries and Raspberries: In full summer bloom, these berries offer a wealth of vitamin C, fiber, and TONS of antioxidants. 
  • Fresh Herbs (mint, basil, lemon balm, lavender): Summer is the season of fresh herbs. Each brings unique health benefits: mint aids digestion, basil has anti-inflammatory properties, lemon balm can ease stress, and lavender promotes relaxation. Add them into your salads, smoothies or steep them into your teas for extra health and extra yum!


tan iced tea tumbler with iced tea latte held by woman out of frame


      Our Favorite Healthy Products For Summer Fun

      These must-have items will bring a touch of joy to your summer days and are great additions to any wellness-minded lifestyle!

      • Glass Iced Tea Tumbler: This adorable tumbler comes with a bamboo lid and reusable straw. Use these everyday for a variety of iced teas and iced lattes.
      • Diamond Ice Cube Molds: Add a touch of luxe to your refreshing summer beverages with these chic diamond-shaped ice cube molds.
      • Rose Ice Molds: Your iced teas and mocktails will bloom into beauty with these elegant rose-shaped ice cubes.
      • Rose Gold Muddler: This rose gold muddler combines fashion with function, making it a stylish yet practical tool for infusing the flavors of fresh fruits and herbs into your drinks.
      • Mocktail Cocktail Set: Unleash your inner mixologist and stir up some delightful non-alcoholic concoctions this summer with this comprehensive cocktail set.
      • Glass Pitcher for Tea Punch: Serve up your iced teas and fruit-infused punches in this classy glass pitcher that promises to add a dash of sophistication to your summer gatherings.
      • Vintage Tea Glasses: Sip in style with these vintage tea glasses.
      • Fancy Tea Glasses: Take your tea time up a notch with these fancy tea glasses that ooze elegance and style.
      • Ceramic Sugar Rimmer: Add the perfect sugary finish to your cocktail or mocktail glasses with this convenient ceramic sugar rimmer.
      • Eco-friendly Sunscreen: Stay sun-safe and eco-conscious this summer with this environmentally friendly sunscreen that's kind to your skin and the planet.
      • Adorable To-Go Iced Tea Tumbler: Enjoy your favorite iced teas on-the-go with this cute and convenient iced tea glass.
      • Reusable Water Balloons: If you have little ones in your life, these eco-friendly water balloons promise endless hours of splashy summer fun without the wasteful single-use plastic!


      As we wrap up this month's dive into the wonders of summer, remember that staying hydrated, eating healthy, and having fun are not mutually exclusive. Armed with our flavorful teas, nutritious grocery picks, and exciting summer products, you are set for a vibrant, healthful, and enjoyable July.  


      Thanks so much for reading! If you want to learn how to turn any tea into a delicious mocktail, check out this blog perfect for summer: Craft Fun, Creative Tea Mocktails With These 4 Simple Steps.

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