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Horoscopes By Kita - January 2018



January begins every New Year in the sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by the planet Saturn. The ancients associated Saturn with the difficult but necessary qualities of discipline, order, structure, restrictions, and limitations. As unsexy as these qualities sound, it is critical that we gain mastery of ourselves in order to make good choices and get sh*t done. Restriction and limitation are the opposites of rampant unchecked growth. In the garden, this means weeds; on a cellular level, unlimited growth means cancer. Saturn is the authority figure in our lives that insists that we can make hard choices when we need to; that we buckle down when we must, and remember that we can’t have everything that we want, so make the most of what we have. Our drive to create New Year’s resolutions to live a better life might be influenced by the greater forces at work in the cosmos. We hit the gym, quit coffee and booze and sugar and binge-watching Netflix…


…and then our resolve to continue with our resolutions seems to peter out toward the end of the month.




Because the cosmos keeps turning, before you know it, the sun moves out of Capricorn and into in the sign of Aquarius. This is definitely not bad, but the Aquarian energy is less about self-mastery and more about ideas and ideals. You cannot and should not use astrology as an excuse to stop jazzercising, but I’m just saying… We’re just little people, and planets are really really big. To go against such forces feels like you’re trying to run while being chest-deep in water. But when you DO push against the immense gravity of your ingrained patterns and habits, it builds the kind of strength in you that can move mountains.


The New Year kicks off with a full moon in Cancer. This is nice, because Cancer is ruled by the moon, so it’s like being the home team playing on its native turf. The overall vibe is cozy and loving, and is a perfect day for pair-bonding, feng shui-ing your home, and family dinners. After this gorgeous first day of the month and year, the moon’s energy begins to dwindle, making it an auspicious time for a good old-fashioned “out with the old” housecleaning. This vibe continues until the 16th, when the new moon in Virgo is ready to get down to planning new projects. The sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, a perfect time to evaluate and update your belief systems about yourself and the world around you. Aquarius is about invention and innovation; feel free to experiment with your life during this period. January wraps up with another full moon, a blue moon, in the sign of Leo, which is grand and expansive. What a great beginning for a brand new year!



Your new year begins on a heart-centered note, Aries. Have you been thinking about what really motivates you lately? The first few days of the month are ideal for looking inward to that four-chambered drum inside your chest, and connecting to the core of what makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. As the moon moves out of emotional Cancer and into fiery Leo on the 4th, you will probably feel an influx of new and very positive energy which you can use to propel your goals, hopes and dreams forward into 2018. Even if you’re not sure of your direction, use your heart as a compass, and follow it like your own personal guiding star. I Heart Pomegranates and Cranberry Apple Tart teas nourish your physical heart and help calm any residual restlessness.



You probably hear people tell you how earthy your nature is, Taurus; how grounded you are, how steady, and sometimes, how stubborn. Listen up: you are not a stereotype. You feel things and do things and have experiences just like everyone else. Everyone can be stubborn sometimes and nobody else gets hassled about it as much as you do, dear Bull. The start of this New Year can be the perfect time for you to spend a little alone time and think hard about how you want to be seen and interacted with. Do you project an image of yourself that’s in line with how you feel on the inside? You’re not the same person you were a year ago, five years ago. Is it time for a self-image makeover? You decide. Your best teas are ones that encourage you to shine. Lucky Morning Spice or bold Ceylon black tea will do the trick.



Your attention is a valuable commodity, and at the start of the New Year, it’s critical to spend this asset well. If you’re a list-maker, don’t waste your time writing out the same tired goals year after year. You know yourself well enough to know what is really important, and because 2018 begins at high energy with a full moon in Cancer, this highly sensitive period allows you to get in touch with what makes you really tick. Focus on what makes you feel at home in the world, Gemini. By the 16th, the new moon in Capricorn will help you eliminate unimportant fluff and solidify the goals that are actually worth striving for this year. Have you had Puehr tea yet? I highly recommend you try it so that you can benefit from its earthiness. Not a tea fan? No problem; there is a semiprecious gemstone called Malachite which will help you lock on to your path and stay true to your own heart.



The full moon in your own sign and the sun in your opposite sign of Capricorn make the start of 2018 a big deal for you. The first 2 weeks of January might leave you feeling like you hit the road running, but ready or not, the New Year is here. By mid-month, however, you are going to slide into your stride, Cancer. Your natural leadership qualities will emerge after the new moon on the 16th. You might not have thought of yourself as a leader, and indeed, most folks associate your sign with emotional and nurturing qualities. But Cancer is one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac, which gives you the unique ability to lead others while responsibly managing resources and assets. Use this knowledge of your inherent gifts to chart your course for 2018. Feel free to surprise yourself. The aroma of pure sandalwood oil will help you recall your inner resources.



If you could choose any 2 qualities with which to flavor the upcoming New Year, what would you choose? Curiosity and gratitude? Guts and glory? Peace and creativity? Adventure and decadence? What if you could choose three qualities? Or four? The truth, Leo, is that you can choose as many qualities as you like. Things like curiosity, adventure, and gratitude, are all attitudes, like outfits you can wear on the inside. You can’t control what the world brings to you, but you can choose the manner and style in how you meet your challenges. This year, along with writing your goals for the year, write a separate list of how you want to feel and what elements of yourself you want to express in 2018. Your phrase for this year is Control The Controllables, and your January mantra is Make It So. A citrine crystal will bring you luck, and floral aromas like ylang ylang will bring you inspiration.



Happy New Year, Virgo! It’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of your community, so be like a bird and gather bits of gossip and trivia like bits of string to line your nest. The weak social ties between acquaintances in the neighborhood and workplace weave together to form the fabric of your community. The social media platform Twitter is built on this premise. Make sure to make your presence felt, and acknowledge the presence of others this month. Astrologically speaking, the weekends are perfect for socializing all month long. Whether it’s casual or trivial, your one word January mantra is Social. Tea makes the perfect way to enjoy light but mindful company. Something refreshing like Earl Grey will do just fine.



Do you ever avoid saying what you mean if you’re afraid it will make waves, Libra? Starting this month, make a solemn pact with yourself that you will tell it the way you see it. The year begins with the sun in no-nonsense Capricorn, so use the astrological influences to your advantage and advance your own goals in a straightforward manner. See, you don’t have to be crass or rude when expressing a difference of opinion; you can package up your truth in the style of a Martha Stewart-inspired mason jar, with a burlap ribbon and vintage dried flowers attached to the rim. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, once believed by the ancients to govern the qualities of love, grace, and beauty. Conflict doesn’t have to be a “thing” until you make it a thing by avoiding it. The truth benefits everyone. For a little assistance expressing yourself, there is a lovely herbal tea called Voice Of An Angel that might be just the ticket. 



January is bookended with 2 gorgeous full moons, allowing your personal vibe to expand and shine in the moonlight. What aspects of yourself do you want to showcase this month? This year? People have a tendency to classify energy as good or bad, but you, Scorpio, can utilize everything that happens in your life to your own advantage. The trick is to not take things personally, and not waste any energy on emotional trivia. Every moment presents you with a choice: will you live the big story or a small drama? An anecdote for you: a restaurant owner who was new to the country and had little English had a standard response to all feedback: an enthusiastic Thank You, Thank You! He used this response to both compliments and harsh criticisms, as each had equal value to him. Perhaps this approach will help you as well in 2018. The aroma of Rose and the flavor of Mint will help you feel open and refreshed.



As the Hunter of Truth and the Seeker of Justice, those of you born under the sign of the Archer are people who are least likely to wallow in nostalgia. Even though your fiery nature propels you forward, it will serve you well to reflect on the previous year, and make a note of what really lit you up with joy. These feelings are like emotional food, and are actually good for your body. What makes you feel good benefits others around you. Two full moons can mean high emotions, and if the intensity becomes a bit much, physical exercise like a good run can shake things off effectively. The middle of the month is a good time for quiet reflection. Dark Chocolate tea will serve your need for a rich experience, while encouraging depth and looking within.



Your stars are high in the sky and your time is now. Did you know that Capricorns are said to become more youthful with age? Did you know that simply feeling emotions then letting the feelings run out will contribute to a longer life? It’s true. Holding on to grudges can literally make you feel sick, in the long run. According to Chinese medicine, unresolved grief can settle in your lungs and lead to a chronic cough; unaddressed fears can lead to kidney problems, and a build-up of anger can damage the liver. This year, Capricorn, make it a point to keep the emotional energy moving by using this simple method: when you feel an unpleasant emotion, stop what you’re doing and just feel it. Then, let the feeling run out. It WILL run out. And then, when the feelings come up again, do it all over again. The key is to catch it before your thoughts go on a feedback loop. Feel it, then let it run out. Inflammation Relief tea is soothing and almost as awesome as you are.



Things are cooking behind the scenes, Aquarius, with your birthday on the horizon. It’s a New Year; are you feeling fresh and ready or are you dragging a bit from all of the demands of the holidays (or life in general)? Now is the perfect time to refresh your body and mind. For cleansing your body, reach for teas made from hardy dandelion and nettles (Daily Detox tea is the perfect choice), clean fresh foods, and aromatherapy massage with lavender or lemon. To cleanse the mind, one of the best ways is a journal brain-dump session. You simply start writing and allow the words to flow, and don’t worry about punctuation or spelling. The point is to let it flow out of you, without judging or censoring what you write. You can always burn it later. The first through the 15th is an ideal time for refreshing yourself and lightening your load.



No matter where you live, Pisces, it is important to remember your connection to nature. The world is a busy place, and now is a good time for you to slip your soul into a different rhythm as often as you can. When you go outside, look up, look down, and take a few breaths slowly. When you bite into your food, savor it. Inhale the aromas of coffee, flowers, tree bark, oranges. Look at the moon, listen to the birds in your neighborhood, observe your cat hunting a catnip toy. All things natural are your spirit animal this month. You might come away with some important observations about the year to come. Do you like crystals and rocks? Clear quartz and amethyst are my picks for you this month. Holding a stone while you meditate can help you focus.


Kita Centella
Kita Centella

Gail, you’re so welcome! Thank you for your feedback!


Sign me up for Voice of an Angel tea. We should all get some, not just the Libras of the planets I love your concept of expressing difficult comments through the “voice of an angel”. Thank you Great reading

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