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February begins on the tail end of a full moon in the astrological sign of Leo, which can highlight and intensify the qualities of generosity and love-thy-neighbor largesse; it’s a great time to “pay it forward” and bestow acts of kindness whenever you can. The sun is in Aquarius until the 18th, a great time for progressive and futuristic thinking. If you find yourself drawn to supporting humanitarian and social justice causes during this period, you can blame the stars for going over-budget this month. But however purpose-driven Aquarian energy might be, it’s more cerebral rather than “feely”. Aquarian energy is also associated with eccentricity, space travel, individualism, nerdiness, and unpredictability. (Fun fact: the International UFO Congress happens every year in February.) 

With a few exceptions, the first half of February should be emotionally pretty even-keeled. Valentine’s Day falls on the most emotionally restful time of the month: the day before the new moon. This moon phase is called the Balsamic Moon, and it indicates a time of deep rest, and possibly deep restoration. This can be the ideal setup for a perfect Valentine’s Day date. Picture this: you can your date are relaxed. No drama. No stress about buying a perfect gift, and no resentment if your date fails to produce. Keep the communication as clear as possible, to avoid misunderstandings. Venus, who rules love and relationships, enters the misty realm of Pisces, which is peaceful, but can be cloudy.

Groundhog Day is on the 2nd. If you live in Phoenix, this month is a good time to do some gardening. The best planting days are on the 6th, 7th, 16th, 17th, and 25th and 26th. The best days for getting rid of weeds are the 1st, 27th, and 28th. These days are equally good for cleaning out your closet.

Midday on the 18th, the sun moves into the sign of Pisces, creating a more atmospheric and dreamy vibe that lasts until the 20th of March. Pay attention to your intuition and dreams for messages and guidance from your inner self. Get plenty of foot massages (Pisces rules the feet), drink plenty of water, and have a good cry whenever you need to.





Your sign is all about fiery energy and forward motion. However, you might feel like you’re spinning your wheels in the fog this month. You’re at your best best when you don’t have too many things (ideas, problems, fires to put out) coming at you at once, but, alas, sometimes they do. Aquarius energy can feel like electrical overload on your mental circuits, and later this month, misty Pisces fogs up your side mirrors. You can strategically maximize your potential with these life hacks: save your most important work for Tuesdays (ruled by your home planet Mars), and wear dark red, pure white, or true blue clothing for clarity and inner strength. You’re not truly lost, even if it might feel that way occasionally. Your best days are the 18th through the 20th, and your mantra is Maybe I Should Ask For Directions. Gunpowder green tea provides clarity and energy.



There’s a lot to like about February, Taurus, with ample opportunities to dress up and enjoy the goodness of earthly life. Pleasure is your sign’s middle name, so don’t waste time denying yourself of things that bring you enjoyment. Healthy living does NOT have to mean deprivation. Your mission this month is to seek out inspiring ways to make healthy living pleasurable and fun. Clear out your fridge and cupboards and watch the cooking channel. Best days to purge are the 6th, 7th, and 8th, which are also good days to purge your belief system of negative mental reruns. The moon moves into your sign on the 20th for a couple days, so use the extra energy to your advantage, whatever that looks like for you. Your one word mantra is Inspiration. You have 2 tea recommendations: Strawberry Kiss and Uber-Berry. I am suggesting those because of their unique blend of healthy qualities and overall yumminess.



February is a nice month for you, Twins, for a few reasons. The first chunk of the month is ruled by fellow air sign Aquarius, making it a great time to stretch your mind and expose yourself to new thoughts and ideas. Whenever you broaden your horizons by incorporating new ways of thinking, you grow. You become a better, more expansive version of yourself. Your mind is like a garden, and you can grow wondrous things by intentionally seeking out knowledge, and also, by allowing some wild seeds to take root and just see what grows. The 18th of the month onward is ruled by Pisces, considered to be the best sign for nurturing new growth. Your mental fields will be most ripe around the time of the new moon, from the 13th through the 15th. Intense days for you are the 6th to the 10th, and your most comfy period is the 22nd through the 24th when the moon is in your sign. Your keyword is Growth. An Elephant Never Forgets tea is perfect for you this month, because it increases mental alertness.



Do you have any causes that are near and dear to your heart, Cancer? The first few weeks of the month are perfect for figuring out what role you want to play as part of the solution. This is also an auspicious time to pull back and look at your issues from a distance. When seen from above, the earth looks like a beautiful blue-green paradise. Shift your perspective and take a birds-eye view of your life. You might like what you see, and the things that are worrying you might not seem so large. Two phrases for you: Nothing Is Perfect and Everything Is Temporary. The moon in your sign on the 25th and 26th so those days are ideal for self care and a fragrant bath with some ylang ylang essential oil.



If you’re experiencing what feels like a setback, or a lack of forward motion, Leo, it’s just the Sun in your opposing sign of Aquarius. Rather than become frustrated, use the time to get organized, from your taxes to your closet to the junk drawer. Mercury, which rules communication, is also in Aquarius until after mid-month, so keep a notebook handy and jot down all of the crazy ideas and inspirations that might be popping in your mind. You will feel more forward motion after the 19th of the month. If you need a little help slowing down, try these teas: Inflammation Relief, and Daily Calm. Both have no caffeine, and will help bolster your mood and dispel any winter blah’s.



February kicks off with the moon in your sign, Virgo, from midday on the 1st. through the 3rd. While the sun shines a light on everything around us, the moon highlights what’s hidden within. If you’re looking for guiding omens for the days and months ahead, Friday the 2nd will be a great day for cloud-gazing, or tea leaf reading. This month is also a great time for you to try out some new concepts and ideas. You can accomplish whatever you apply yourself to, and the clearer you are about your dreams and ambitions, the faster you can attain them. The sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, helping you tap into the deeper inner workings of your own heart. Teas that help you meditate are your picks this month. 



Does the winter season have you yearning for greener (literally) pastures? If you can take a well-earned vacay, do. If you’re stuck where you’re at right now, spend a little time outside among the trees. Watch how they dance in the wind, and apply that to your own situation: rooted, but graceful. If you haven’t made your dream board for the year yet, February is a great month for you create a visual representation of your hopes for 2018. Colors to incorporate into your life and wardrobe are electric blue and silvery purple. If you’re a tea drinker, chocolatey Coconut Cocoa or tropical Mango Green will provide pleasure and comfort.



Because you love to tinker with how things work, Scorpio, this month is perfect for you to troubleshoot your existing conundrums and incorporate out-of-the-box thinking. People talk about Taurus being a stubborn sign, not realizing that you, Scorp, never give up. Sun in the sign of Aquarius is an ideal time to brainstorm and seek out unique and creative answers to life’s problems. Eschew traditional approaches and embrace innovation. You can use an innovative approach to other non-problem areas of your life as well. The mindset you want to shoot for right now is a blend of martial arts master and Silicon Valley wunderkind.



High energy and forward motion are yours now, Sagittarius, with Mars, the planet of action in your sign. Keep your mind focused on the present and make important decisions only as they come up, and not for anything far out into the future. This month, your typical blunt nature can work both for you and against you. During the first part of February, the sun is in Aquarius, a time period known for being forward thinking and innovative, but not necessarily emotional. But when the sun crosses over into Pisces, truthful words carelessly spoken might cause some hurt feelings in the people around you. Some things must be said; the delivery matters, so practice different ways of presenting your thoughts, and err on the side of kindness. Ginseng Green Dragon tea can help you maintain your energy and momentum, while imparting ancient wisdom to your soul.



Practical Capricorns like yourself typically don’t hold stock in things that seem “woo woo”, but the fact is that everyone dreams, even Cappies. From the 18th of February onward, we’re in the season of the fish, aka Pisces, and Pisces energy is fertile ground for dreams, intuition, and inner visioning. If this were 30,000 years ago, your dreams would have been taken seriously, because back in the day, you HAD to be practical to survive. Our Ice Age ancestors would have dreams about bison herds or approaching storms. The same ability to dream clues and hints that contain vital information stands true even now. Pay attention to them. New moon on the 15th will be a good day to pull your energy inward and relax. Most productive days for you are the 11th and 12th. Dreaming True tea is my pick for you this month, not only for promoting dreams, but for overall relaxation.



Happy Birthday, Water Bearer! This is your very own season, and like the growing light of the sun from the lengthening days, it’s your time to shine. Mercury, which rules thinking, talking, and traveling, is also in your sign right now, as is the love planet Venus. All this focused energy might actually feel a little stressful, so if you experience any feelings of overwhelm, tension, and insomnia, remember that it’s temporary and will soon pass. The energy shifts around the 16th, giving you some release. Relaxing days include the 16th and 17th, with fun days on the 23rd and 24th. Relaxation is important this month, Aquarius, because stress can dampen your immune system. Stay on top of stress and tension with calming teas like Daily Calm, and Nitey Nite at bedtime.



There are so many ways to be creative, Pisces, and with the sun drawing towards your sign this month, now is a wonderful time to explore your creative nature. You don’t have to know how to paint or sing; communication is an art, as is tasteful décor, personal style, and cooking. The list is endless. You ARE creative, and if you’ve ever forgotten this part of your nature, now is the time to tap into it again. Best days for social gatherings are the 4th, 23rd, and 24th. New moon in Aquarius on the 15th will be a fun day for “Pinteresting” for new ideas and inspirations. Get down to business on the 21st and 22nd when the moon is in Taurus, to help you stay focused and steady. A tea to help enhance your creative nature is Lady Ginger, to ignite your inner spark. 


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