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Beat The Heat With This Frozen Grapefruit & Raspberry Mocktail Recipe

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We might not be able to teleport you to the beach, but we have the next best thing! Let's bring the tropical vibes to you with our Grapefruit & Raspberry Tropical Vacation Mocktail. Infused with the sun-kissed flavors of our Tropical Vacation tea blend, this refreshing non-alcoholic concoction is a delightful blend of tangy grapefruit and sweet raspberries. Here's how to bring this tropical getaway to your glass:

What You Need For This Delicious Frozen Mocktail

How To Make This Tropical Summertime Drink

  1. Start by brewing the Tropical Vacation tea blend. Add the tea to your preferred loose-leaf tea brewer and pour in the hot water.
  2. While your tea is brewing, squeeze the juice from the grapefruit and set it aside.
  3. Once the tea has steeped, strain it into a glass. While the tea is still warm, stir in the honey until it fully dissolves, then add it to the fridge to cool.
  4. In a large blender, combine the cooled tea, grapefruit juice, frozen raspberries, and ice. Blend until smooth.
  5. Pour the blended mix into your favorite glass and enjoy! For extra fun, garnish with fresh grapefruit slices, raspberries or even fresh, edible flowers.

Note: Taste your mocktail after blending. If you'd like it sweeter, add a bit more honey. For a stronger raspberry flavor, add more frozen raspberries to the blender.


brilliant pink and orange frothy grapefruit and raspberry mocktail with fresh fruit garnish in kitchen setting


And there you have it—a little slice of paradise to enjoy from the comfort of your home! The Grapefruit & Raspberry Tropical Vacation Mocktail not only refreshes your senses but also makes your wellness journey a delightful experience. And the best part? This recipe is so easy to whip up, you'll be enjoying your tropical retreat in no time!


brewed tropical vacation tea with fresh orange and pineapple slices, along with the loose leaf tropical vacation tea canister

Get Your Hands On This Delicious Tea 


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