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12 Easy Ways To Drink More Tea And Feel Amazing

January 23, 2020

healthy tea drinker

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Did you know... when you create a tea drinking habit, you are automatically setting yourself up for success? Drinking tea every day increases your intake of nutrients and antioxidants, which boosts your immune system and goes a long way toward disease prevention. You can replace soda or energy drinks with one of the healthiest beverages on the planet: tea! You skip the calories, sugar, and beastly amounts of caffeine found in soda and energy drinks and still power through your morning without crashing later on.


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Here’s a question I hear from many people who are new to tea, who really want to start drinking tea on a regular basis but feel a little lost:

How do I get started and then stick with it?

This is a really good question. Switching from tea to coffee is one thing, but drinking Loose Leaf tea (as opposed to drinking tea bags from the grocery store) comes with a little learning curve. I spoke with a few of my tea-drinking friends, Loose Leaf team members, and the staff at a local tea room, and together we came up with twelve tips to building one of the healthiest habits of your life.

1. Fill disposable tea bags with your favorite teas in advance so they’re always ready to go. These are perfect for when you’re eating out. Just ask for hot water. You can get those right here.

2. Get an electric kettle. It’s a game changer. You get hot water within three minutes, instead of waiting for twenty minutes using a traditional stove-top kettle. This kettle from Bonavita has an adjustable temperature so you can brew any kind of tea perfectly. Click here for that. You can also get one without the adjustable temperature setting for under $20. Click here for a basic electric kettle. 

3. Make a routine easy to follow by creating a place for your tea and tea accessories. It might be next to your stove, or in a special drawer. You might have to do a little rearranging, but you will figure it out. At my house, I keep my teas and my electric kettle on the counter next to the stove. My eldest daughter has a special tea drawer in her kitchen that has all kinds of teas and tea accessories.

4. Pick out the tea brewing accessory that works best for you. It should be easy, fit into your daily routine, and be aesthetically pleasing to your own unique style. Some people like to keep it simple and use a plain mesh stainless steel tea ball (available right here). Infuser mugs are cups with the tea infuser fitted inside the cup. These are great for both home and work. Tea pots with stainless steel infusers are perfect for gatherings, and are available in many different materials. Cast iron has been a popular choice for hundreds of years. You can get that right here.  French presses aren't just for coffee, they work for tea too! (This stainless steel French press is insulated to keep your tea hot! Check it out)


healthy woman drinking tea


5. Bring an extra mug or infuser to work with you. Many offices have water coolers with a hot water option. You can also get a second electric kettle and keep it on your desk or in your locker. 

6. Keep a stash of tea on your desk at work, or in your locker, purse, or backpack. Our Loose Leaf canisters are made of lightweight cardboard and are super travel-friendly. You can also cart your stash in a zippered pouch or travel pouch. Easy peasy. 

7. On the go a lot? Travel mugs and tumblers are your friend. Gas stations usually have free hot water if you bring your own mug. I love love love these Pinky Up double wall glass travel tumblers! But, the downside is that, yes, they are glass and glass can break. Click here for a leakproof stainless steel travel tumbler that will not break. 

8. Tea is more fun than coffee. All the varieties, flavors, and cute accessories will brighten your day. And if you're a dude and don't want anything flowery or pink, there are lots of sleek and sturdy options for you too.


healthy woman drinking green tea


9. Drink tea as a family. There are lots of teas that even young children will enjoy drinking. Little ones get a bang out of picking out their tea and they also love rituals. When my kids were little we drank tea together every night. Now that they're grown, we still have tea together. We make big pitchers of iced tea for large family gatherings, and pots of tea for smaller ones. 

10. Visit local tea shops in your area and try new types of tea. Talk to the staff and get their recommendations. You will discover all kinds of new flavors and varieties, and learn a whole lot in the process. Some resorts and English-style tea rooms offer high tea events, while other tea houses offer Asian-style gong fu or Matcha ceremonies. 

11. Find your favorite mug. This may sound weird, but the wrong mug can ruin your tea experience, but the right mug will fill you with coziness, happiness, and joy. 

12. Pick out a morning tea that will become part of your morning routine or commute, and an evening tea (caffeine-free) that will be part of your evening wind-down rituals. Shop caffeinated morning teas here. Check out these caffeine-free evening teas to relax and unwind. 

Keep drinking tea regularly, and you will enjoy all the benefits. The health benefits are cumulative and build up with consistent use. The longer you drink tea, the better you will feel.


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