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Love To Read? Here Are 5 Exciting Book and Tea Combos for Your Next Reading Adventure

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We've paired up some of our favorite springtime teas with five captivating novels to make your reading time even more enjoyable. Whether you love a thrilling adventure or immersing yourself in a world of romance and magic, we've got the perfect tea pairings to complement your reading journey. 


Tea cup with book and fresh flowers.
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“Chocolat” by Joanne Harris

Why we love this book: Enter the charming world of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes, a small French village where the mysterious Vianne Rocher opens a chocolate shop that bewitches the town's inhabitants with a unique blend of hope, inspiration, and a little culinary magic. This tale weaves together themes of single motherhood, love, temptation, and the timeless magic of chocolate. You can buy "Chocolat" here

Tea Pairing: Bulletproof Breakfast - You will love this rich and bold tea blend, with notes of decadent dark chocolate and smooth coconut, as you savor the enchanting flavors and characters of “Chocolat”. Bulletproof Breakfast tea is loaded with antioxidants, and provides lasting fuel for your day.

Get Bulletproof Breakfast here

“American Dirt” by Jeanine Cummins

About this book: Join Lydia and her young son as they embark on a perilous journey across the Mexican border, fleeing from a dangerous drug cartel. This gripping novel will keep you on the edge of your chair as it explores themes of survival, resilience, the strength of a mother’s love, and the pursuit of hope in the face of constant danger. You can get a copy of "American Dirt" here

Tea Pairing: Lush Lavender - Keep calm during this tense and edgy story with a soothing mug of Lush Lavender tea. Let its smooth blend of botanicals calm your nerves and lighten your spirit. Lush Lavender brews up into a gorgeous indigo-purple tea with a rich flavor and a smooth lavender finish.

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Cup of tea with book and dried flowers.


“The Enchanted Hacienda” by J.C. Cervantes

A little about this book: "The Enchanted Hacienda" follows Harlow Estrada's journey after being abruptly fired from her dream job and enduring heartbreak. Returning to her family's flower farm in Mexico, she discovers its magical secrets and her own untapped potential. As she embraces her unique gifts and opens her heart, she realizes she possesses a power greater than she ever imagined. You can get "The Enchanted Hacienda" here

Tea Pairing: Strawberry Lemonade - Enjoy the fresh and delightful flavors of Strawberry Lemonade tea, a naturally sweet blend of green tea with strawberries and seasonal flowers. Perfect for adding a touch of magic to your reading experience. Strawberry Lemonade tea is delicious served over ice, garnished with fresh strawberry and lemon slices. 

Get Strawberry Lemonade tea here

“Revenge of the Rose” by Nicole Galland

A brief synopsis of this tale: In Nicole Galland's "Revenge of the Rose", you will meet a minstrel with a dangerous secret and hidden past, a valiant yet impoverished knight who rises to fame in the jousting arena, and an emperor seeking a bride. These characters come together in this clever and oftentimes humorous tale inspired by the traditions of troubadours, scheming politics, and the art of courtly love. Grab a copy of "Revenge of the Rose" here

Tea Pairing: Blueberry Thrill Iced Tea - Delight in the berry-licious flavors of Blueberry Thrill Iced Tea, a refreshing blend of fragrant blueberries and hints of lavender. Let its sweetness complement the twists and turns of Revenge of the Rose. Blueberry Thrill is not only delicious, it is rich in antioxidants that fight aging and promote healthy lungs and digestion.

Get Blueberry Thrill Iced Tea here

Cup of tea with book, sunglasses, and fresh flower.


“The Mistress of Spices” by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Why we love this book: Step into the world of Tilo, a woman trained in the ancient art of spices, who possesses magical powers to influence people's lives. As she navigates the complexities of love and destiny, Tilo must learn which rules must be broken in order to discover the true power of her spices. Buy a copy of "The Mistress of Spices" here

Tea Pairing: Detox Chai - Immerse yourself in the spicy flavors of India with a warm mug of Detox Chai. Let its aromatic blend of spices enhance your reading experience, without any caffeine to disrupt your tranquility. Detox Chai is caffeine free, and provides nourishment and support for your liver, kidneys, and gut health.

Get Detox Chai here


If you love tea and a good book as much as we do here at Loose Leaf, here are a few other items that will bring your experience to the next level:


Cup of tea and a book.


There you have it, friend – five enchanting book and tea pairings to enhance your reading adventures. And don't forget to explore our range of herbal teas to discover even more healthy and delicious blends for your reading pleasure.

Happy reading and sipping!

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