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Kava Kava, 60 ct.

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Actions, properties: euphoric – enhanced sense perception, feeling of well-being, clarity, CNS sedative, anti-anxiety, muscle relaxant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic; warming mucus decongestant; urinary antiseptic, restorative, relaxant and stimulant; antifungal; digestive stimulant

Indications: anxiety, anxious depression, nervousness, insomnia, muscle tension and pain, tension and pain that interferes with sleep, neuralgia, tooth pain; UTI, incontinence, enuresis, prostatitis, vaginitis; sluggish digestion with mucus-y stool; nasal congestion

Contraindications: pregnancy, nursing, children, endogenous depression, driving or operating machinery after consuming large amounts; large amounts; alcohol use, sedative use, barbiturates, levadopa, Parkinson’s meds, Alzheimer’s meds; liver disease

Large doses may cause dry skin, bloodshot eyes, skin rash

An ethnobotanical contraindication is for young women under 21 – believed to negatively affect development of reproductive system

Methods of preparation and dosage: 

Capsules: 1 – 3 as needed; not to exceed 6 daily

Combines well with: California Poppy, Valerian, Passionflower, Jamaican Dogwood, coconut milk

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