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Ginkgo 100 ct Clearance

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Actions, properties: Sweet, bitter, neutral, astringent, dry; cerebral tonic, circulatory tonic, vein & capillary tonic, antioxidant, peripheral vasodilator, aphrodisiac, mood enhancer

Indications: Much researched herb, shown to improves circulation to brain and extremities, believed to increase the uptake and utilization of oxygen and glucose in the brain, therefore used for flagging memory, memory loss, aging, dementia, Alzheimer’s, ADD, depression, improved sense perception; used also for cold extremities, Reynaud’s syndrome, erectile dysfunction associated with circulatory insufficiency, diabetes, varicosities, tired legs, leg cramps; useful for anyone over 50; used as preventative for anyone with a family history of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, circulatory disorders, other age-related heart, brain, and circulatory disease

Contraindications: Contraindicated with certain medications; can cause headaches when beginning to use the herb

Methods of preparation and dosage: Ginkgo is a long term remedy; results are seen with persistent use of 3 months or longer

Capsules: 1 to 2 freeze dried capsules 2 to 3 times daily

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