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Chaste Tree , 60 ct.

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Actions, properties: plant has a slow action – works on the pituitary gland – more progesteronic than estrogenic – has affinity with the second half of the menstrual cycle – supports the corpus luteum

Amphoteric – both aphrodisiac and anaphrodisiac; female glandular tonic, progesterogenic, hormone regulator, galactagogue, fertility enhancer

Indications: PMS – all symptoms; menopause (progesterone deficient), estrogen dominant women, when in need of libido balancing, infertility caused by low progesterone levels, fibroids, acne, difficulty starting lactation, after taking birth control pills – will help normalize the hormones, support a normal cycle

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation (use within the first 10 days after the birth, but not after), spasmodic dysmenorrhea, birth control pills, HRT, ERT, progesterone therapy, dopamine antagonists (haloperidol), when very estrogen deficient

Methods of preparation and dosage: long term remedy

although the results may be seen in as little as 2 weeks, it is normal to not see changes before 3 menstrual cycles

the plant works slowly, can be taken for years

while in herb school, I was taught that the pituitary gland is most active upon waking – it was suggested that Vitex be taken upon waking only

my own experience with Vitex in formulation indicates that the plant is useful and effective when the doses are spread throughout the day

Capsules – 1 – 3 caps upon waking or spread throughout the day

As galactagogue, use within the first 10 days after the birth, at the suggested amounts

Combines well with: Ginger, Dandelion root, Burdock root, Dong Quai, Black Cocosh, Red Clover

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